How does my weed look should I be worried

House my girl ow lookin

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She looks good.

Why are the leaves looking so dry and weird lookin

Looks like sun burn possibly. Are you feeding any nutes?

Nope no nutes just water

What’s the temperature like?

20 - 30 c I’m in Canada and my other plant just has like one or 2 leaves with a white tip u can kinda see it in the picture

Ok, can you get some better pictures of the affected leaves, please? I can’t really see what the problem is.

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How many leaves are affected? The plant itself looks good, except I see a few holes in some leaves. Have you checked it for bugs?

I think you have a sulfur deficiency, which can be corrected with feeding nutrients with sulfur, or using Epsom salts. Are you Ph-ing your water?

Not phing my water I use RO water for the most part

Oh! RO water needs to be amended with nutes because it has nothing in it for plants to feed on. I think you’ve got a few deficiencies going on, so start adding some good nutes to your water and make sure that mixture is between 6.3 and 6.8 Ph. That should do it.

I have no nutes if I really need them where can I get them at for cheep? I also use tap water just let it sit out for 24 hours

You can get good and cheap nutes on Amazon, or your local garden, or hydroponics store. Any good, balanced nutrient formula will be fine. Personally, I use Foxfarm which is very good and not too expensive.

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Yes, looks hungry to me.

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It looks like you might be overwatering also , which is going to lead to all sorts of problems down the road… :wink:


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It think it all comes down to ph . plant cant use what is available … get your ph right and add some nutes and you should be fine.

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