How does my plant look ? Purple Haze


This is my 2nd grow, I’m still learning. Here are some photos of my purple haze 23 days since I planted. In fox farm ocean forest soil, and I’m using the fox farm big bloom, grow big, and tiger bloom nutrients, I’ve been feeding 2 out of 3 waters with a fox farm schedule i downloaded. ( 3 tablespoons per gallon of each grow big and big bloom). I just watered this morning with just Ph’d water no nutrients, ill start feeding again next watering. I have 2 HPS 4OO watt lights about 18"-20" from the plant. … Again this is my second grow everything i know is from online and I’ve invested a lot into a proper grow room so I’m really hoping this one turns out much better.
So i have 2 plants, one i topped early and the other i just topped it. I think my plants look green and healthy but this is why I’m posting on here, could use some expertise… How does my plant look ?


They look good. I am not feeding this round until they have 9s at least.

This is 14 days since I started germinating in FFHappy Frog. Nothing but 6.8 ph water.


Very nice love that happy :frog: great stuff


I’m not sure why you would be choosing to deprive your plants of nutrients?
Could you explain why @Stomper?


I am just waiting until they are firmly established. I am going to start feeding them next week after I get my monthly stipend. I over fed my last crop and killed half of them and hurt the others so I am being more conservative.


Ok I completely understand now @stomper! Thank you for the explanation buddy!


Right now I am using two Chinese knockoff lights that claim to be 800wLED but really are just under the coverage of a Mars 300 (and they cost twice as much). I will be switching to an HPS/MH once it cools down enough to move my ac unit in there.

Th temps are from 70 at night to around 90 and about 1 hour a day it hits 95 and I have to open the door to vent more. Have to guard the room tho from the cat. She already did some “pruning” for me.


Good looks like they are lacking a little bit of nitrogen, calcium, and magnesium, other wise looks great, @Stomper great way to go about it, your little ladies look good


Update… Day 29 I just fed, again I’m using the fox farm trio, just the grow big and big bloom right now. I’m starting to get a little nervous on feeding them, not sure if I’m feeding enough or not enough… Please advice

Here are some pictures of day 29… this is purple haze under 2x 400 watt lights about 20-23 inches away room is about 75-80 degrees F.


Have not posted in a long time, a lot has changed we are now finishing up Day 62, going onto Day 63 of Flower.

I just watered yesterday and beginning the flush… Any thoughts on this? From others with experience how much longer do you think she has? And am I to early on starting to flush?

Purple haze under 400 watt HPS light…


I would think you’re about half way there from the picture. At least another 2-3 weeks though, but looks like it could go another 4.

It’s been 62 days of flower already?


Its 63 days total…I switched the lights on day 35.

Would that mean I’m only 28 days into flower?


Haha yeaa that makes more sense to me! I was pretty accurate then, I’d say you’re half way there, another 4 weeks and you should be good, or at least close to harvest :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::v:


Let me ask you something, How long on average do you keep your plants going until you switch the lights?


45-60 days for me personally, I grow in DWC too :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::v:


That why your ktreez420 growing the big bushes


Hi there fox farm is good stuff.
I recommend using the grow big and the nute tea combined. The big bloom I wld save for flower.
jst a suggestion. :slight_smile: