How does it look?

Hello not sure where to ask this. I just wanted to see what the pros on this board think about this plants health. It’s 9 weeks old and I have had a lot of problems with it as some of you know. It seems like it’s doing a little better after I moved it to a little bigger of a pot 2 days ago but the stems of the leaves are red and I read that can be a nutrient deficiency. The some of the leaves also loom like they are starting to turn a lime green color.

Please let me know what you think. If any addition info or pics needed let me know. Here are a few more of the specifics.

Growing in soil
I use sensi plus perfect ph grow a and b about once to twice a week.

I use voodoo juice every time I water

The plant is in a tent. It is temp controlled with good circulation. I have a 1200w and 2 600w led lamps and I try to keep the humidity as high as possible but it seems to average around 50%

Also up to now I have been keeping them trimmed so I could train them to stick out to the side like that. I was removing fan leaves but have since stopped. From here out will I need to remove fan leaves or is it just all grow from this point?

These are the individual stacks

Here is a whole view.

Here is the underside where I see red stems

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Have you collected run off tds and ph? Looks okay to me, but those numbers should indicate to you and others here if there is an underlying issue.

I have it’s right around 6.0. I flushed them both times I transplanted them to ph the soil.

What kind of soil?

What about TDS? You have stressed her pretty hard, when you do that almost anything WILL happen!