How does a grower set up for 6 day trip

I have to be out of town for about 5, 6 days. Have no choice, but, i will have plants late in flower when im gone. Don’t have a body i can trust to look after them. Gota be a way to set up somthin. Whats everybody do?

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Bluemats (?) makes an auto watering system…

How far into flower?

What kind of medium?

Me personally I water them heavy and let go… if they die, they die :rofl:. But normally my plants go too long between waterings anyway so they are pretty used to it if you ask me

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About week nine flower. FFOF soil.


Soil and week 9… yea outside of some kinda autowatering life hack… (google it, I think even a plastic 2 liter bottle can be DIY’d).

A heavy watering is about the best I got for ya. Someone with experience in such will be along shortly hopefully

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How many plants?
How close to harvest will it / they be when you have to leave?
Maybe timing will work out to give it a good soak, program your lights to go off a few days before you return and then harvest. Wishful thinking?
I may be in the same place in a couple of months. Have not started looking yet.

At the time of departure timing could work out maybe, for the 2 plants in late flower. Will also have others in early flower by then. Probably gonna soak em. What about adjusting lights down a bit? Or is that gonna shock em?

Put a pump in a bucket of water and run hoses to each pot have timer for pump set for 5 or 10 minutes to come on 4 days after you leave.

Always a wrinkle.
If I needed a self watering aide I was thinking about something like this. I have not really looked into them. It is something I will consider.

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Thanks brother. That looks to be just what i need.