How do you time flushing?

A’ight man all I’ve done blazed,grubbed,blazed,grabbed and repeat…
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I.D.K. when to begin 2 week flush out cycle?

Plus how do you time it to coincide with harvest to get max success?

Watched YT vid from Old Marine I get how to watch development until your day of harvest.

But how :thinking: in the !*@% can you time the flushout water :droplet: only to bring bud to harvest ripe and plant nute depleted day of harvest.


It’s a guessing game. And frankly studies have shown that feeding up until harvest versus a 2 week water only flush, made very little difference in Final quality or quantity of the harvest. So I flush to save the money that the nutes would have cost me. Once I think I’m two weeks out, I start flushing. But that could really mean 10 to 20 days.


I dont think flushing for two weeks befor harvest is to save cash. Ok so may save some scrilla over that two week period.
You want to flush two weeks befor harvest to flush out any extra locked up nutrients out. Example would be feeding fish hydrox. a few days before harvest. It may take you a few lbs. of the finished dryed smoke to tell but there will be a fishy flavor woth some of the buds.
You want to teast the flower. Not the nutrients :wink:
Happy growing…


Given that this isn’t a flush or not to flush question, my point was that it’s a guessing game to decide when to start flushing. (and that studies show that missing by a few days is OK - as long as you don’t start too early and have to race the yellow death)


Flush/smush, I don’t stress it but I don’t max out nutes and push the envelope either. I get smooth tasty weed.


So with this question about flushing what if ur doin a all natural organic grow do u still need to flush or not or is it personal preference .i flushed my last grow bit it was grown with bottled nutrients

From what I have seen, the jury is still out on that question. Some “studies” have shown a benefit to flushing nutes while others show a preference for product that was fed right up to day of harvest. Still others fill the range in between.


In the only study done (that I know of) showed that people preferred the organically grown non flushed weed.


Precisely why I put “studies” in quotes. Many are subjective opinion at best. We are just now starting to see any serious research in to this plant. As I saw earlier, the U.S. govt. will provide all the (3rd rate, moldy) cannabis you want as long as it is for research into negative impact and health risk. Zero tolerance for unbiased honest research however, that is strictly forbidden .


Hey! I don’t flush. I am in living soil and never water to runoff and always keep the soil most to keep the microbes happy. That’s just me.

I’ve read when you flush you remove the nutrients in the soil so that the plant does not take up anymore into its system but you can’t “unflush” what is already in the plant.

I guess I just don’t stress over it. I don’t flush. I don’t do 48 hours of darkness before cutting. I don’t lower temperatures or cover the roots with ice.


My last plant, drying now, I cut early morning after lights came on.


It’s just a guessing game and not at all really even important… when you think it’s about ready start the flush and if you see it finish sooner then 2 weeks then take it, if it’s still not where you want it in 2 weeks then give it some more water and ride it out…


So if I have been giving nothing but water for 2 weeks and the buds need a bit longer,just continue water only cycle and my plant will survive long enough till I decide to harvest?


If the photos posted are current and you have already started the flush, you may a month early. No way is it even close.
If I flush at all, it is when most 70 - 80% of the old pistils have turned (ignore new growth), see a few amber trichomes on the bud, more amber will be on the sugar leaves. You are in the harvest window a little before what I described. At that point it is personal choice as to the type of smoke / high you want.


Thank you hope I can send pics and I will make my decision off of your suggestions along with a couple others…
Thanks man

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Not to sound rude how long you been a grower?
The buds ripen to your sweet spot preference and the chemical nutrient taste or whatever is not there?

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By old pistils :gun: you mean the original butto bud sites? Pretty sure the biggest most developed colas and bud sites. Probably a duh statement of a question.
Smoking away all common sense…

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You are not rude at all. Grow 4 this time around plus a few bag seed drops in the backyard over the years. I am still learning.

I don’t smoke and only grow for the family so I can’t comment on taste. My last dry amendment is applied 4+ weeks before harvest.

Best to you!

Hey! Me again. Talked to my main taste tester. He said he thought my organic grow smoke was smoother and had more flavor than my inorganic miracle grow fertilizer grow BUT I did not grow the same strains.

Also I harvest when about 90% of the pistols have darkened and receded, and trichomes are cloudy with just a few ambers.

That’s just how I do it but there are many ways to grow this glorious plant. Read, experiment a bit, and find the techniques that work for you!


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Thank you so much for the assist
Probably good you don’t smoke.
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