How do you think they look? first grow

I plan on flipping to flower in about a week


Hard to see details with the burple lighting, but it seems they are doing well from what I can see.

It’s going to get really crowded in your tent. I would flip them soon. They are going to grow quite a bit for the first couple of weeks after you flip. Thirty to 50% additional growth is common. I’ve had plants double in size. How much they stretch will depend on the strain and the genetic lottery.


Thanks for the input. I fed them last night so might just use ph water when they next get thirsty and then flip them.


Very nice looking grow

Great Job so far !!!

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Your plants look healthy. Most people flip 4 to 8 weeks Some grow faster than others, but it’s all about managing your space and take into consideration. They will more than double in size When they start stretching. Good luck with your grow.