How do you think there doing

Here are some new piks of my first grow.

had the 4 now down to 2 and two babies and here is my big one so how do u think they are doing. Any input would help and thanks.


Looks early in flower but nice all the same

Whatever you are doing is good for the plants. They look great. Especially the thick white pistils. Good sign of healthy Lady.

Thats a pretty girl. Keep up the good work. Happy Growing!!!

Yep they look nice and healthy…:evergreen_tree:

Very nice …


Thank you all. I’m giving them about 4 tbls. Of fox farm big bloom with their water twice a week which

Sorry hit the reply to early. 4 tbls. Per 2 gallons of water twice a week. My soil holds water pretty well.

They do look amazing. Especially that big girl :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: