How do you smoke



Or is that oatmeal lol


Yes it was oatmeal lmao. @jmlove123


I look into that vape pen … It pretty cheap… I personally prefer China stuff because I can order it whitout any taxes or shipping costs :wink: so I will look to the characteristics and search for something similar! Or go whit that one :+1:


Nothing special here. I have a square pint jar for my stash and a little pipe I keep beside my recliner. I’m set up to relax on a moments notice!


@Sasquatch love the harry and the hendersons profile pic!


This was the harvest from my last grow, a single bagseed. I have 6 ILGM Northern Lights going now


Ok so my stuff arrived and I put all pieces together… This is the result :joy: it’s not so beautiful but for 7.50$(2 jars and 2 humidity meters) it’s great I guess :joy:. I hope I will need more jars :joy:

PS This is the link for humidity meters, the aliexpress is got approved for links
High 1pcs Mini LCD Digital Thermometer Hygrometer Fridge Freezer Tester Temperature Humidity Meter Detector to Clipboard
(from AliExpress Android)


@M4ur very cool!


My stuff old to new

My first ‘piece’. I bought this in 1966 at The Warlock Shop in PB. I still have it, however the wood cracked long ago. It still has resin in it.

My current stuff. Elk horn Peace Pipe and it works, Elk horn small pipe, blue gifted glass pipe.

Gifted by a friend recently.

My original Bob Dylan poster that came in his Greatest Hits album. :woman_farmer:t4: