How do you smoke


Just wanted to started a, hopefully, fun thread where growers and connoisseurs can display their cool nug jars, pipes, and stash spots!
I will start us off; i got this old sliding bar, complete with drawers, pull out shelves and wine racks, and wine bottle cubbies! Since i dont drink, i figured this would be a cool way to display and store my pieces and stashes (once my harvest is ready). My gf got me some really cool 1/2oz herb jars that are bubbled at the bottom and taper to a normal size at top with an airtight lid. My goal is to have the Fear and Loathing drug collection, but only for weed! I wanna have different strains, labeled in each jar, a jar if straight keif, a jar of moonrocks, and different waxes and oils! I may even make edibles and throw em in a drawer!
Lets see what yall got!


That is awesome my friend :+1:


Really nice piece @VelcroThumb


Awesome box! Love it!


I’m not ready for this thread yet, still waiting for some stuff to arrive and diy my jars :wink:. I only smoke joints (but I’m a fake stoner and I also put tabacco :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and I’m proud of myself for getting hight at a level where I’m :ok_hand:). I planning to grab a ordinary bong and personalized or I will build one by my self :rofl:.
So for now I will wach what you have!


I can’t rationalize any smoking purchases for a while. My money goes to utilities and growing supplies.
I have a 5$ glass pipe right now lol.


I bought a 10 pack (that is 500) of flavored papers for 1.98 , it took them 3 weeks to get here, but that is how I roll ( both literally and figuratively).:laughing::laughing:


Joints waste weed. I don’t have enough to smoke then at the moment.


Maybe wastes, but I am clumsy, and end up spilling my pipe weed…had a cheap dry good vaporizer, but I dropped it the other day. The flavored papers just arrived the other day, so I should be good for a few months.


My faves were the black rizzla that tasted like liquorice
Long time ago with an ex girlfriend from Corfu Greece we rolled those with a mix of weed and tobacco


Hold your horses my friend… From where do you get this deal?.. Whitout links of course…
I never tried vapeing (only liquid cigarettes) but I think I will grab a cheap vape pen next year :joy:


I ordered from e*bay from a fellow finest78. I paid 1.61 per 5 pack, so I was off on the price. They are pretty nice papers. He probably had other kinds, idk, but I like the fruit packs. Enjoying me some green apple right now.


Look for HEBE models. I paid under 20 buck for that vaporizer and it was a true vape. Some of the cheaper ones burn the weed, so that is not true vape. There is no smoke if it is set right, none. Not like an e-cig, where you see the vape. But after a few pulls of the HEBE, you will know you got your medicine.


Lol this is mine


@VelcroThumb and @jmlove123 I have to step up my game after seeing this. I never even considered this. It makes a good point being somewhat of a conissour even though I’m past my first grow. I know what quality herb is now. Not to mention all of the great strains I’ll be growing. I should take as much care in the finished product as I did the growing. Of course I’ll have to make it somewhat stealthy to keep from attracting children…


@Covertgrower mine stays locked in my bedroom when the kids are up and around. I am divorced from there dad so we have 50/50 so that is what I mean when they are around


Nothing like “brick weed” huh brother? Lol


When we were out in Vegas was the first time wife got into dispensary. She was super excited they had throw away glass pieces for $10. Apparently she’s now above smoking a J. What a snob lol.


Triple inline barrel recycler i bought for my girlfriend has been my daily driver.


Alongside some ice cream :ice_cream: lol