How do you rate these trichs for ripeness

Trying to decide if i should wait a little longer. If it matters, it is an OG kush on day 67 of flower.


I see quite a bit of clear still, so I think she might be racy, still. But I have found the way to tell for sure is to take a sample bud, quick-dry and smoke it. If she’s racy, you’ll know after a few hits.


Here are pics of 4 separate buds. They foxtailed a little, but I could drive nails with them. Very dense feeling.


If she were mine, I’d take a sample, and decide.


Im with newt, sample a smaller bud and see. Everyone does from time to time especially when running new strains. There are still a bit of clear trichs yet, and i like to see a few amber ones starting to appear and its go time.

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Very nice looking buds. I also vote for a little more time. Check the trichs lower on the plant. You are very close though.