How do you Mark your Rez levels

Looking for suggestions how have “marked” their Rez to measure current water in their system?
I did not install a water level tube like I have seen other systems have. So looking for creative ideas how you all have marked your Rez to determine total water in your system so your can manage and measure water loss etc.



Get a metal yardstick would do. How deep is your res?


Such a simple, perfect solution. That’s why I’m asking I over complicate shit sometimes.

Got two 17gal totes. One grow the other Rez.

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Keep em coming!

Roughly 12.5” deep. Filled less than half way. So even a simple ruler would do

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That would be perfect. Or you could use your ruler and and some marks on you rez to show level and perhaps marks in 1 gallon increments.

How do you mark or what is safe to use with water?

I would create a legend with the height of you full rez and then when it’s 1 gallon, 2 gal, 3 gal,…. On and notepad or also write it on your tote. So you know how much to add after taking a measurement.

Always adjust ph and take a TDS measurement before adding more nutrients. Sometimes less is more. About half the time I just add water and some bacillus bacteria.
Botanicare Hydroguard contains Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, a natural bacterial root inoculant and water treatment that helps suppress and resist damping off.

Botanicare Hydroguard Bacillus Root Inoculant, Quart

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Thanks mate. I am due for a drain and fill this weekend. I’ll chart water levels out when filling your get an idea.

Already using hydroguard so all good on that front.


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Excellent work!
Good luck with your grow!!

Put elbow joint in from the outside of ur res and clear tubing marked

@BeezNeez I add water based on PPM readings not so much the water level. I also have a mark on my pump hose, I put a union connection at the point the hose leaves the reservoir so it is pretty much always in the same spot. You can also take a old metal coat hanger and bend it over the side of the rez when it is full and mark it. Keep it close by the rez and check it every other day or so. I typically need to add about 2 gallons a week to 16 gallons when full. Again, that is more based on PPM not water level.