How do you like your trichs?


Just wondering how my grow friends like their trichs ?


In a pipe :slight_smile:

I’m going to wait until I see some amber before I harvest. Hoping to get a happy medium between a head high and a body high.


The first picture without hesitation, and I like them in the more amber side, more potent and more terpenes…:stuck_out_tongue::wink::innocent:


I harvest at different stages for varied effects from the same strain.


Yeah I’m going to try that as well this grow but I personally like more amber in my bud ?
So cool be able to decide how you like it and not depend on what someone else thinks is good :blush:


Yeah, I’m gonna try to dial myself in with a few different strains. I try for 60% amber for a full harvest.


That’s where I usually take them maybe a little more than 60 but not much @FloridaSon
I have five girls going now so I figured I’ll get enough to kinda play with it a little bit so I can have a nice day time smoke and a killer night time smoke which I need to sleep
My back pain wakes me about every hour or so with out it and I’ll get 4/5 hrs straight with a good heavy smoke :grin::+1::v:️️


Same here. I’m usually around 2hrs a cycle. I can usually get back to sleep within 10mins, but that jolt to consciousness sucks!

Hanging drywall, I got accustomed to the wake and bake. I also need both. I’ve read that you can still get the wake and bake with a sativa with heavy amber, which is what has led me to experiment with it.


more cow bell please,i mean more amber please!


Nice yeah I smoke all day every day
Start my morning off at 230am
I’ll have to look in to the stavia thing myself
Yeah any of the trades will beat the hell out of you
Every guy I know in a trade is a mess physically and most of them mentally lol


Ran out of likes again, but I feel ya! Tradework ages you quickly it seems. I was a hanger for 20yrs and a welder for 10 before that.

Lol…you have to have some kind of mental issue to do our work. At least it’s a good honest job. I actually miss the hard work. I feel so much weaker now, not being as physically active anymore.

Sciatica calling…


10/4 @FloridaSon
yeah I’m not doing the heavy work anymore more my self had a chance to get off the road so I did
I now have 5 buildings in NYC that I baby sit a couple chillers and a crap load it f small heat pumps so most of the time I’m doing nothing lol but I can definitely feel the difference myself with out being so active
I’m out of likes to bro


Here some for you two :wink::innocent:


I like to harvest different plants at different stages. Some full cloudy some with some amber some with a lot of amber


This is a great question and I’m following along with interest!

I take mine at every stage! I’m going to try some of the same strain at clear/cloudy and then my usual 20% Amber and then 50 or 60% Amber within the same group of clones for an experiment soon


i watch a you tube video about a dude making bubble hash in jamica… they were showing some pink and purple trichs that made my mouth water. in fact they walked through a field of cannabis picking out the very best plant…i was drooling!


I like’m like this lol



I like them like that too :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:
Lol nice✌️