How do you know which answers are experts?

I see lots of advice here and was wondering how you know who an expert is?

You could probably consider advice to be good if a couple of people respond with the same advice.

I rarely see flat out bad advice given by anyone here.


Agree totally with @MidwestGuy

And welcome to the community :love_you_gesture::sunglasses:

Most of us including myself will say nothing if we don’t know an answer( or tag people who do) , and welcome mate have fun and post away good growing😁


I agree with the others…
It is important to consider the context of the questions and answers to insure that they apply to your situation.

How and where you grow will often affect which answers apply to your grow.


Yup to that^ not to mention everyone has they’re own methods and growing habits that can contradict with others


if they have a tag beside their name like, mentor, moderator, etc. also look at their journals. when they have been growing more than 15 minutes they have great pics of the stuff they have done and write about mistakes made to help out others. it also tells you have long they have been on this forum. just read the journals till you find what works for you

This. Even then everyone understands it’s a growing style. It’s not wrong it’s just different.

Welcome to the forum!


Oh no, I can give bad advice, like grow big or go home! Oh wait thats not bad advice. Damn

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