How do you heat a tent in winter time

How do you heat a tent in winter time?

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Can you just warm up the room it’s in? Is the tent closed up except for exhaust and air intake? What are you using for air circulation in the tent? Do you have an exhaust fan?

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Ok so the only time the room will be warm is when I’m not at work and I do have a intake and carbon filter pulling air out the tent thou

The key is to not pull in outside air but instead circulate inside air as best you can

I’m still in veg so I could easily change my light cycle to 20/4 instead of 18/6 but once it’s time to flower in a few weeks it’s going to be freezing cold outside and inside

Right it’s not pulling air from outside inward… it’s inside the tent with a oscillating fan pushing air outward like a vacuum seal

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Yup thatll work

Is your exhaust fan set on low? What type of light are you using? Keeping light on while at work?

Lmao what do I do about heat my brother I need answers it’s about to be cold sooner then later… well you know what I might be good if change it to 20/4 then when it’s time to flower I’ll have two lights in there by then but still idk man how do I keep it warm for those 12 hrs of absolute darkness

Keep your room warm you can either set up a inkbird temp controller with a mechanical heater or just keep your houses general temp up

There is no low or high it’s just runs all day none stop same speed

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Can you have dark time when your home? What kind of light? Gives an idea of how much heat it puts out. Sounds like not enough. You heat with a wood stove? You said no heat while your at work?

I use a couple of small heaters in my tents,they have a thermostat and I put the nighttime heat at around 72 at night.Never had a problem with them,but I still have a smoke and heat detector in both tents.


Lol no man it’s a HLG 100 and it does heat up pretty nicely… like I feel warm air coming out the intake when their on and I’ll be adding a second one once it’s time to flower…

I was looking at this one… I could set the timer so it comes on once the lights go off… and go off once they come on if possible…

Programmable Space Heater with LED Display: Wall-Outlet Electric Heater with Adjustable Thermostat & Timer for Home Office Indoor Use | 350-Watt ETL Listed

Get a timer for your light and set it for off time when your home. I’m running a hlg 600 and it’s not enough heat in dark time. What size tent? Just trying to help bro but I dont know what all your circumstances are nor what you do and dont have to work with. Like why is there no heat when your not home? I’m not sure that small of a heater will be enough depending on the size of your tent and how cold does it get inside.

It’s a 2x4 it’s small and the light are on a timer

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Do you have fabric pots because I thought the small little 500 w ceramic one but I have plastic pots… So sits like no where to put in there

Ok cool you said your place gets cold when your at work. Can you have lights out in tent when your home so they can help heat the tent when your at work?

How about using heat mats under the pots when your not home? Plants can hold up to cold better if the root system is kept warm. Since your exhaust fan runs full time it’s just going to keep sucking the warm air out so a heater would be running constantly trying to keep up. Basically the exhaust fan and heater will be working against each other.