How do you grow autoflower white widow

Hello new to this had some seed autoflower from ILGM first time so not sure if i can successfully complete grow but am pretty excited and nervous at the same time as i notice the plants can be very sensitive. Gone are the times for me where all you did was dig a hole in the ground going organic throw in some water crystals and go back to the area before the wet season to harvest.
I find with my first time indoors you need to be on top of things when you first start germination and tempreature,ph reading etc is new to me.
Well I got some autoflower white widow seeds germinated 5 only 2 made it one ended up getting white mould as a seedling tried chemicals from garden center made it worse and started to become deformed. The other one just died because it very cool tempreatures.
I’m in week 4 from seed already come across a lot of challenges like dropping leaves from overwatering and decided to trim off sick looking leaves which seemed to help.
My temperatures are a little low between 19-21 degrees one autoflower is going ok with big fan leaves one is semi ok but looking ok still small at only 2.5inches not sure if it will grow much bigger as just started week 4 from seed not flowering yet.
I was wondering how big your auto white widows or tall they should be in 4 weeks from seed?

Hello. Mine were pretty big at 4 weeks…

Good luck!!


There are many variables that will determine hieght of a auto flower plant
How close are your lights and what type are you using?
Ive had ww auto that where no taller then 24 inches at harvest and i have had wwa that grew to 5 foot tall


ILGM - WWA. Seed dropped 14 July. RDWC. 535 watts in 2x4 tent. FIM’d the top at internode 4 then left her to grow.

They can get medium sized for sure…

Zero complaints…



Yeah bud did you do any LST?

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I got 900 viparspectra

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What size tent are you in ?
I saw on another thread that you had a issue germinating the wwa
Can you explain your process

Did not train her as I assumed a small rounded bush… I did have to tie off some stretch to keep out of the lights. I am netting the rest of this purchase😷

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2x4x6 tent is completely filled at week 7. Single top fim only. I let her just grow

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Sorry @Poseidon i was actually asking @Wicked
But you look like your doing just fine
I just took down a 4 wwa got 8 ounces dry off them woohoo

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How many weeks till your harvest?

Hey Poseidon I see you have a small container which is making your plant grow pretty good as I hear that putting autoflower in a 3 gallon pot first may have been part of the reason that mine have grown slowly as my one is not as good as your plant can I ask you the process you went through from seed to the stage your at now.please include the temps you use ,fan,light and did you use any root blast?
Cheers buds.


You can start and finish your autos in one pit 3 gallon in more than enough indoors
But starting in a smaller starter pot is always a good idea

In winter conditions is it possible to grow autos indoors, if so I’m guessing a heat pad may have to be used underneath the pot plant through out winter.

@Wicked - I am running a RDWC hydroponic. The small pot is actually a 2 gallon pot in a 3 gallon reservoir. That is connected to a 20 gallon charger/controller. I am using one 245watt King and one 300 watt Crxsunny COB. Both units have about the same lumination specifications (PAR value, etc). They run hot in my 2x4 tent… without venting and exhausting at 442cfm, the tent runs 82-83F easy. With, 75-77F.

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Thanks Poseidon did you have to do stress training I found that the fan leaves on my wwa are overlapping the under growth

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I just wanted to make sure this was right your temperatures are 19 to 21°? Or Celsius @Wicked

Celsius,did you ever needed to do some stress training on your wwa?

Hello @Wicked. I should have put up a screen and trained lateral after I fim’d till she went into flower, tucked once more, then let her grow vertical with the stretch… I messed up. Learned a good lesson though.