How do you grind your buds?

I use a plain old 4 piece hand grinder. I was looking around for an electric grinder to make it a little easier but don’t have a clue if a small coffee grinder would work or not. What do you guys use to grind your buds?

I still do old school way with tweezers and scissors to try to keep all the trichomes on the bud.I’ll just make keif with trimmings and dry ice or my keif box

Hey bro… Electric Coffee grinders work a treat. Just get one from Kmart. $20. Just get the feel of it and how long to grind and you will have perfect fluffed out weed

I should have mentioned, I no longer smoke, but I vaporize. Looking for pretty fine grinding. I might go with the coffee grinder just to see. It’d be worth 20 bucks to see if it works.

I have a vaporiser aswell. I got the extreme Q from the states. I use a little hand grinder for that.

Do you think the vapour would work better with a finer grind???

I use a Plastic grinder gifted to me from dopefiend, when the members bought me an Iolite. I also bought a small coffee grinder. Advice. Coffee grinders grind fast, so if you do not want to powdeerize your herb…Just a quick zap or 2 on the on button will do the trick

I love the coffee grinder. I been using one for years. Best way is to continue goin on and off with the button whilst shaking it. We spin ours out with tobacco over here. I cough too much with it green. Tickles the throat. Me and wife smoke heaps too. Usually average about an ounce and half a week. Insane really. That’s why we growing indoor now. Lol. Can’t wait. 5 weeks to go.

I think it would. I also think it would “vapor” up sooner.

I use a coffee grinder. Too lazy to chop them up with scissors. Plus, the scissors get all sticky.

Old school I don’t grind I use scissors