How do you get to the bottom of a long thread?

Is there a way to get to the end of a long thread, on iOS Safari, without scrolling? I just tried to scroll through one with 900+ comments and that took too long. I also tried tapping the number of the last post and that opened that particular comment in its own window; it it won’t let me, then, scroll up to the comments just before that one Still trying to figure out how to navigate this forum software efficiently.

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When you’re reading a post in the bottom right there’s a light blue box with the post # your reading/total posts tap/click that and a scroll line will appear on the right

Where the 1/1 is on your post


Did it work?

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It sure did! Thanks so much!:smiley::+1:

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@DTOM420 I forgot to welcome you to ILGM support forum :grinning: there are a plethora of people on here with a wealth of knowledge. I’m still a noob but I know plenty of folks who can help with just about anything. Tag me if you need anything @Redeyedranger. Happy growing :seedling: