How do you get in touch with Stacy

Stacy, I used paymonex to pay iglm for my order on June 9, they took the money out as soon as I hit send. How long does it take you to receive the payment?

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Thank AAA. Stacy if you were the one helping me thanks, The received payment email just said ILGM support team. If not thanks anyway.

She replies here as well. I’ll tag her @ILGM.Stacy

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Thanks bobby but it has been rectified.

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Sorry I didn’t got back to you, I was out of office for a few days. But I’m glad to see it has been rectified now! :slight_smile:

Hey why not send my money or seeds? I confirmed with my bank today you got my payment for order 781588 and cashed it on 2/16. Since you dont reply wait till you see my next trick!