How do you flush?


My girls like to sit on the pot…
@latewood @raustin @Hogmaster @Countryboyjvd1971 @Astrocreep


Looks like they are shitting out some nice buds .


Thats one way to flush’em lol :joy:
Think u gnna need a plunger


@Seeddog still have 3 weeks to go. This is flush #1. Should be a nice yield. I posted a pic on the BOM contest if you want to see a close up.


That’s one way to flush. Lol


That’s a bit literal, but weed does deserve a throne. :grinning:


We need a pic of a plant in an outhouse…lol


What is flushing? Is it needed for autoflowering? Thank you.


Eww, isn’t that where your arse sits , :nauseated_face:


@Cannabislover you need to clear out the nutes from the soil before harvest. I dump 4 gallons of water through. Then a week before harvest I use some “flawless finish”


Thank you, appreciate it


HaHa Haha… :slight_smile: :smiley:


I just grow in an unused bathtub. Makes water-to-waste and flushing really easy.


Really , looks like 6 more weeks to go… :wink:



@peachfuzz pistals are all brown. Plants are short because I flipped the lights at 10 inches. Purposely wanted to keep them short.


I was just going off of the pic on the crapper… still looks super young… :wink: