How do you flush the plant before? harvest?

my plants are almost ready (first time - using a grow box 2 feet - I have heard of flushing but not sure what it is for or when or if I should do it. some of my trichomes are getting red so please if anyone knows about this, I would be so grateful… don’t want to ruin it after all this time. (am growing kush). thanks very much!


Lynn, I’m also new and I’m sure someone else can explain in better detail but my understanding is approximately 2 weeks prior to harvest you water with just h2o and no nutrients. This flushes existing nutes from the soil and root structure. Hope this helps and again I’m sure others will have more detailed info.


Ntense hit it on the head :slightly_smiling:
When you feel they are getting ready to finish cut your nutrient regime out and feed plain water for the final 1-2 weeks. The reason for this is to allow the plant to use up what may be remaining in your grow medium and then use all the Nutrients stored within itself. This will lead to a less chemical tasting plant that will burn cleaner.

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Forgot to add this in the previous post, your red trichomes :slightly_smiling:
Trichomes will turn from clear to cloudy to amber as they age. If you want the highest level of thc and most “heady” effect it is recommended you wait till they are all cloudy. If you go half cloudy, half clear they aren’t quite fully potent yet and can possibly cause paranoia. If you aim for a 70% cloudy, the rest amber you will generally get a good combination of head and body effects. The more amber the more pronounced couch lock becomes.

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LOVE that couch lock ! ! One of the main reasons I use MMJ, so I can sleep ! ! Otherwise I only sleep 2-3 hours a day or less.

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@ Lynn1
You got it right about flushing! Flushing washes all the excess nutrients out of the soil and allows the plant to burn up the nutrients stored in the stems and leaves. Do you have Robert’s free E-book download on Growing Marijuana? It is available on this site. It will explain a lot of things very clearly.

Something you might want to keep in mind for later grows, as you water and feed during the life of the plants, give them enough room under them to drain about 20% of each feed/watering (if you are in soil of course). It helps keep the pH at a steady level (VERY IMPORTANT) and it also makes it easier and not so important to have to flush so much. It also seems to make the plants grow much better. I started doing about 20% over what the pot holds this grow and the results have been WAY better. I am in week two since germination (Veg day 7) and have never had a plant grow so quickly and stress free. I mainlined it (my journal is “Super Silver Haze in a Grow Box”) and it recovered in a day with no stress noticed on the plant. Read Robert’s book and you will become a better grower. Also, he has a nice section on harvesting, drying and curing your harvest in the Guides section since you are so close to that.

You came to the right place for help. I started using this site two years ago and my growing has gotten way better. Good Luck on your harvest. We all help each other here. Let us know if you have any other questions. Jerry

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And just one more thing. Flushing also means, to take lots of water and slowly pour it into your pot. The rule of thumb here is that if your pot is a 3 gallon pot, you would flush with 9 gallons of water. This quickly flushes your plant of nutrients left over in soil or built up in the soil. A lot of people will do this 1-2 weeks prior to harvest, and then also continue to only give the plant plain pHed water until day of harvest. That’s my complete understand of both terms of flushing. Hope it helps Lynn!

Flush 3x’ container size over a 2 week period - never leave “standing” water .