How do you feed when switching from veg to flower?

I’m a week or so from the flip and I’ve been reading on the various schedules people use for their veg to flower nutrients.

Firstly, do you consider a plant in flower when you flip to 12/12 or when you see buds?

I’m not sure if I should continue the veg feeding until I see signs of flower or just start bloom nutrients at the flip. I’ve read where folks have experienced issues when switching from veg to flower nutrients.

I’d love to hear what you experienced growers do.

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There’s like two weeks after switching lights before flower. Id go ahead & use nutes designed for flower


At the switch or 2 weeks after?

I would start concentrating on flower nutes when you do your lighting switch, although this doesn’t mean removing nitrogen…

Those two weeks (the stretch), is also considered the “flowering” period, at least when your talking about a timeline from light switch to harvest.

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Some people even go the distance and do a flush before they goto flower, that way they know they have a clean slate as far as their soil is concerned.


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Ok I’m understanding a little better. Thanks. :v::sunglasses:


@SilentHippie, depending on the nutrient line you are using, different schedules obtain. I use GH Grow and Bloom, and the manufacturer calls for tapering off the grow and into the Bloom over a couple of feedings.

FF recommends a flush at every stage.

I might recommend something @Donaldj recommended which is to come down to 12/12 over a week or so. This will reduce stretch and makes a less stressful transition. I’ve been running my veg at 16/8 for the last 2 grows and love it.


I agree!

There’s too much wishy washy info with what different people consider seedling, veg, transition, and flowering stages. It’s best to see where you’re at on the schedule and use that as your base.

@SilentHippie on your schedule it should list a feed rate for the first week or 2 of 12/12, I would follow that. If you’re doing a reduced or increased strength, go ahead and adjust them equally based on what schedule recommends. I’m not familiar with what you’re using, but most if not all will start to introduce flowering bytes. Some will continue same amount of veg nutes, and others will taper them down a bit. But the schedule is your friend here.


I’m at 16/8 and feel I have better growth. Also some flush after the 2 week period

I’m through transition and several weeks into flower. For nutes I’m using FF week 7. According to the schedule should I be using all 3 (Big Bloom, Grow Big, & Tiger Bloom)? I’ve been doing so for the last 2 weeks with no ill effects.

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