How do you do a slurry ? Question on process


When doing a slurry test by a 1 to 1 ratio and you have distilled water, do you ph your water or use stright distilled at a 7…?


One of the best ways to test is a slurry test. 2 oz of ph 6.5 water and a tablespoon of soil, let sit 10 minutes then check ph Im assuming you have ph meter not drops there hard to read using slurry test.


Distilled water can still have a varied pH. I have seen some go as high as 8. pH it to 6.5 and then do the slurry test. Post the results here and we can help you understand the results @Ky2high


Yes I have a ph meter and just got a new ppm meter as well


Thx bob…1st test and it’s on new ff hf soil. Wantfed to make sure soil was right before I place these beans in it…Will post results in a few hours when lights on…thx u


Ok sounds good. I use happy frog and it has been Rock solid for me. Always good to test. Before you do put on rubber gloves and give it a good mix to make sure the soil is mixed good. I have seen “clumps” that needed to be separated but only one or two here and there. Giving it a good mix is a good practice no matter what soil you use though. @Ky2high


Thanks everyone the ph. was 6.4 and the ppm 475…so ya I planted today some autos and will keep u up to date…thanks again…