How do you determine when your dry enough to put it in jars?

This is mi first harvest I need to know how to tell when dry Is dried thanks

Generally when your small stems “snap” and not just bend over, they are ready to jar. They’ll feel dry when they go in but 12 hours later you’ll be surprised how much moisture is still in there. Burp jars twice a day for a week or two and then once a day for a week. In with the Boveda packs and I still burp once or twice a month just to be sure.


Do you throw the packs in while curing, or only after it’s completely cured?

@Drinkslinger I add the packs in towards the end of curing when I get the moisture down to around 63%

I’ve always found the snap-crackle-pop method to be too subjective as everyone has a different feeling/opinion of what it feels/sounds like. Myself, I almost always wound up with things being too dry by the time they went into the jar.
So, I came up with a new method that so far is working out just fabulous and the humidity numbers are dead on every time.
After about 5-7 days of hanging, I take 3-4 small (about 3" to 5" long) samples and place them in a jar with a hygrometer in it. I use multiple pieces so that I will get an average reading.

After 24 hours, I check the humidity in the jar.

If the humidity is too high, I just take the pieces out of the jar and hang them back up, wait 24 hours and then do it again. I try to choose different test subjects each time to help ensure an average reading.

I’ve found that beginning the dry trim 1% higher in humidity than my final desire works out the best.
For example: If I want to cure in jars at 63%, I will start trimming at 64%. Removing the sugar and fan leaves takes away that last little bit of moisture.

So far this method is working out great. When my stuff goes into the jar, it is at exactly 63% (this is where I like it) humidity and it stays there for the duration.

The best part is - no more guessing.


Have you ever noticed, or thought your buds lost flavor/scent/terpenes after adding the boveda packs?


Ok guys you can definitely tell I’m on rookie status I didn’t even comprehend putting moisture pack in. Love putting the hydrometer in the jar idea genus!

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@TommyBahama that’s the way I determine the moisture. I started to post a picture earlier with the buds in a jar with a meter and you beat me to it. But it does seem to work well for me. The stem snapping probably works okay but I like using the hydrometer.

@Drinkslinger I am going to say no I don’t use the Packs during the curing process I only put them in after just to hold moisture at 62% basically for shelf life. Have you noticed a difference by adding packs

I added some during cure a while back. It seems like that bud is less fragrant and less tasty after. Reusing the packs with other bud later on also seemed to do the same as well as adding and “off” scent.

I may be completely desensitized, and it may be in my head, but I’ve removed the packs from all my jars and am not using them at all in my current batch. If I notice the jars without boveda packs smell better I’ll discontinue their use altogether.


Same here.

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Keep me in mind let me know your findings I’m all about tips for drying and curing . I feel like it’s a must to master the skill of drying and curing.

I do this with a tote large enough to contain the entire dried harvest. It works really well and you can play with the lid and airflow to bring everything down a couple of points without hanging again.

Paper bags work great to slow down the dry as ideally you want 10 days or so to dry before jar’ing up. I put Boveda packs in as soon as the flower goes in Mason Jars.

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I’ve had strains in mason jars with no humidity packs in them. Some have been in almost a year and smokes just fine. We did put a humidity pack for Mom’s ganja and it just didn’t taste the same.

Yep, there’s no need for a humidity pack as long as the humidity is where you want it, and it stays there.
A hygrometer is a really good idea, though!

Myself, I’d rather toss in a Boveda and forget about it.


Same here I quit using them and just bought cheap hygrometers for all the jars just keep it at desired humidity.

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I soon found out after purchasing the mini hydrometers (for me) anyways it’s easier to control without the packs it just seems to take to much to quick. I am anxious to see about long term maintenance though as to thier effectiveness. I am realizing as a first time grower the learning and screwing up is so valuable and fun because you only do it the first time around once lol


I hung my first harvest in my tent with two 6inch fans running big mistake. Dried them to 50ish rh in like 5 days. I ended up using knock off boveda packs at 58 rh to bring them up during cure. These are my first I grew but noticed no off or dull flavors/ordors but I only did

If you don’t use Boveda or Boost, can you raise jar moisture with orange peels or apple chunk wrapped in a paper towel? I have tried this, but worry that might introduce mold.

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Mr. Clean ‘Magic Eraser’. Cut or tear a quarter-sized piece, soak in distilled water and squeeze most of it out. Place in jar and seal. Repeat until you are at your desired moisture content.