How do you deal with runoff and flush in a tent?

How do you deal with the run off water in a tent?

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I don’t. I move my plants to a bathtub or suspend them over a toilet. When they have drained well from the watering I move them back in. I have heard of others using a wetvac.

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I use a turkey baster to collect the water that sits in the pan. Its a lot of basting, but it gets the job done.


Sometimes, if it’s a single plant flush, I’ll leave my girls in the tent & shop vac the run-off. If it’s going to be a whole grow flush, they get taken to the tub. Or, if I don’t feel like dealing with the mess.

For regular water/feed run off, I employ the baster method, as well. :grinning:

after i heard u do that i went and got one. it takes a while since the baster only picks up an oz or two so it becomes somewhat meditative. i need a stronger bulb that will fill faster.

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You can also use a battery operated fuel pump, they work faster than a baster, but still not my preferred method.

I use one of those pumps for watering my scrog . The hose reaches the back sides of the plants well but the pump leaves about a half cup in the jug . The baster will get it all . Just don’t use it on the turkey .:grin:


It’s really nice to have a drain. I just grow in an unused bathtub, so no plant moving or hand basting is needed. Others build a sloped floor with a sump and use a little sump pump or fountain pump to drain it.

I have a 3x3 drip tray in my 4x4 tent. They only had the smaller one at the time but have bigger ones back in stock, I just haven’t decided if it’s worth the upgrade.
When I was growing in coco, each plant had a rack to sit on. Then I would use a shop vac to extract.

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I have my containers in large plastic storage bins. They’ll hold 3-5 gallons of water. I use a wet vac to suck up the runoff. Then dump it outside. You can see the container in the background.


Great idea. Keeps the tent floor dry and clean.


Ha. I don’t know about dry or clean. I’m always spilling while feeding, but at least it doesn’t ever turn into a swimming pool.

What are they sitting on inside the bin? I like this idea or a way of getting them above them bin so I can just slide out the bin?

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I buy saucers that are a few inches deep to catch the runoff.

I’ve had them raised on 2x4s (realized this might throw off pH numbers), then on cut off pvc pipes, and milk crates. Inorganic seemed to be best.

Now I grow strictly in raised beds.

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5 gallon bucket and a oven rack

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My first tent had to be on a short platform, as too clear a drain pipe from a sink in my garage. This pipe is connected to a floor drain just outside the tent. See photos. One day while watering my plants it occurred to me that it would be nice to have a drain through the bottom of the tent. So after finding the low spot in the bottom of the liner. I first drilled a hole in the plywood base that the tent sits on, and sealed a short steel pipe in it, (3/4 inch nipple). Next I sealed the floor into the pipe by cutting a small X in it above the pipe and sealing the corners into the pipe. Next I cut and sealed a short piece of a large drinking straw into the floor liner, and dropped the straw through the pipe. This works great the run off makes its way to the tent drain then onto the floor drain. The rocks in pictures are to hold down the liner and helps the run off find the drain.

My next tent set up was in my garage, and with no drain close by. So I built another platform for the tent to set on. Again I sealed a 3/4 inch pipe through the plywood. This time, I sealed the tent floor into the pipe. Then cut about an one inch hole in the liner, and sealed the liner hole around the floor hole. I slide a drain pan under the platform to catch the run off. I let the plants drip for a hour are so, and then empty the pan.

Getting rid of your run off is important in order to prevent gnats.
Not sure if my pictures will post or not. But you can see them you will notice that I raise the grow bags off the floor with an oxypot component. I cut the oxypot sides and lay them on the floor with the hole sides down. You will be amazed at of much salts and build up flushes out of the bags.
Also when your plants are full of oversized buds growing through netting you may not want to move them around too much.

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I have use the drawers out of the cheap plast drawer sets.
And i usely take the front covers off my fans anyways so i use them to set pots on alot of times.
I also use things like you would set on the counter or table to place hot cook ware on. Or literally a couple of peices of scrap 2x4 or just anyway to lift it up a little bit.

I then use a battery power pump that’s like $20 at walmart to fill kerosene heaters or gas cans.

Works wonderful…

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@Bluntsmoke I love the idea simple and easy… no problem with height tho? I worry the bucket would be to tall tho no? I’m already losing height as I have to get mine off the floor similar to @Ickey set up, which I like but is way too intensive for my first grow lol

You still have to pull the plant out of the tent just all the waste water is contained