How do you celebrate spring?

Old man winter has once again gone south in the northern hemisphere. This is my favorite time of year. No more coats, thermal socks etc… Time to pack it all away for at least 6 months here in the south. The blackberry bushes are starting to bloom, the birds are here again, the Masters Tournament starts and I heard my first chant off the whiporwill last night. I get excited kind-of on the inside. If youd like to tell us what you like about this time of year please share.
Oh, before I forget. Check your PH. That is so important. You folks have a great day? If no-one has said it, you are loved.



This is how I celebrate…beer smoking-hookah


And winter, summer and autumn. Me too. Haha. It’s just that now I can do it outside. :grin:


I live in the desert
We get like two seasons
Hot and a lil chilly
Been a desert rat my whole life
Here we get like 2-3 weeks of open your windows weather ( like now ) before the gnarly 110 and up days come and the wind feels like your in a convection oven.
So I guess I celebrate by opening my windows.


Got 10 inches of snow, this weekend. My spring won’t start until Mid-May, then we’ll have summer for a month, then autumn will begin.


I sit out in my yard watching my dogs spark up a little fire a nice glass of Scotch :wink: Spring is the start of my work season so not too many days to just relax and be in the sun.


with a sam adams porch rocker cold one on my deck :+1:

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Slip off to the creek with a pole in one hand and a couple “fatties” in the other!
:fishing_pole_and_fish: at’s right


I enjoy firing off the smoker twisting a couple fat ones and smoking a nice piece of meat and enjoying the warmer weather with a gew cold ones to wash back to fat ones lol while waiting foe meat
We aren’t quite there yet here in the north east but we are super close and it wont be much longer before its yard work and garden time woohoo @Happy_Pappy