How do you calculate your yield?

Im starting this topic because im curious how everybody calculates their yields. Because i keep seeing beginner growers getting massive yeilds way more than im producing. Im just curious the difference in methods used? And what kind of scales everybody using? I want a set that will weigh down to the tenth gram but also have a big enough tray to hold at least one plants worth of flower at one time.

I bring mine dried to a buddys scales. By then I smoked a bit and round it up a few g’s but not so far off to call lying.


I usually figure on 20% of the wet weight if I remember to check it when I first trim it up.
I wet trim btw and screen to dry.
All stems and leaf removed at harvest.
Just what works for me.

I’ve got a larger kitchen scale that I use for fresh wet weight.
But when you get a larger scale the lighter weights have a tendency to be less accurate.
For tenths I use a small one.

Just a cheapy from the hydro shop.
20$ or so.


you have heard the old saying ‘don’t believe everything you read’…
everyone trims differently so there will be some difference on that end and then there is the bud you choose to keep, is it all top shelf or is a lot of ‘LARF’ ‘Popcorn buds’ included… I believe if you have it all dialed in you can get 8-16 OZ of top shelf bud from one plant if she is not crowded…just my experience


My first grow had all plants going 4ft. All had main cola and about 8 other side colas, banana kush, also listed in store as good yeilder. Each plant was very similar. 4 zips of tight nugz.

Second grow, runtz was about 2ft, colas not as big, i estimated about 1.5 to 2 zips. Was 6 grams shy of 2 zips.

Wedding Cake 2.5 to 3 ft tall, very similar to the kush, but, the buds was thick and dense in lower areas. Estimated about 2.5 to 3 zips, was 4 grams shy 3 zips.

First harvest was very good to observe for dense buds, to the Larf area for fluffy buds.

Experience on seeing a variety of harvests is going to be the best tool for calculating.


My experience over 2 years growing autos has been similar to @Mosca. I average 2 oz dry, finished buds per plant with 1 oz as my smallest and 5 oz being my largest so far. :face_with_peeking_eye:


I trim, dry, then weigh on a digital kitchen scale. I typically get between 4 to 6 ounces per plant, with my best of 9. You’ll get around 20% of the wet weight.

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Its also nice to have alot of other growers growing, or have grown that strain similar to your grow to get a ball park estimate.
I expected Runtz to the possibility of being a runt due to others results. Was also told that its potency makes up for smaller yeilds

I just cut a Bruce Banner auto that I think will wind up around 4 zips dry using the same 20-25% wet/dry calculation. Wet was 473G after trimming, she’s drying now.

I’m going to cut a Runtz auto tomorrow I think. I will update with actual numbers. Anecdotally, I’m thinking 3-4 zips dry from her.

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Details please and thank you? Runtz auto? Nutes, medium, and light? @SandyC

I wet trim, dry on a rack…break down the buds and get rid of the big stems…and then weigh. I grow in a 4x4 tent with 4 or 5 plants. My lowest yield from any one plant was 5 ounces (Chocolope and Big Bud) and my highest yield was 12 ounces (Amnesia Haze).

The grow journal tab above has grow journals for ILGM seeds only…good way to check your progress against others that grew the same seeds from the same source.

Below is a link to my last journal. I have more going but are in early veg.

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@Mosca its a Kind x420 light and Fox farm nutes and soil (OF). She looks frosty and amber looks like about 20% under the scope. Today is 98 days from breaking ground.


I weigh dried clean bud before it is cured.
Dried and trimmed.

Bag it and weigh it again.

I don’t know how else one could do it. Possibly after curing for six weeks might be a little more accurate. But any resulting difference is insignificant.
I don’t leave stems or a lot of sugar leaves so weight can depend on how you prefer your bud.

I use a 10 -15$ digital kitchen scale that weighs from 0.1 grams to several thousand grams (6 pounds).


I weigh all of my plants at chop time to get the wet weight. From that I can estimate the final weight if I want to.

I weigh and record the weight after the dry and final trim. Only top shelf bud is included. I don’t have any use for the any larf or popcorn buds so that gets tossed.

This scale is what I use. It accurately weighs to 0.1 g with maximum capacity of 2 or 3 pounds.


Sugar leaves in the trim tray and small buds no worth trimming further. I jar or bag it. Someday I’ll do something with all the trimmings.


Everything is final dry weight in ounces. It was a run of 8 Mephisto autos split up in three grow spaces. I like to keep track of how much each space produces. I just noticed I forgot to put on the sheet that only 3 of the plants in the closet were under the Scorpion Diablo. They got so big I needed to move one off to the side and put it under a 300Rspec that I keep as a spare. So the 35.60 ounces from the closet came from 2 grow lights, not just one.


I slow dry then trim when dry enough to jar or put into grove bags, it’s only at that point that I weigh on a ( calibrated )digital kitchen scale accurate to 1gram. For smaller weights I use a jewellers scale accurate to 0.1g but hardly ever use it.

Or see on the internet. Can’t believe how many videos there are of people performing tasks that were impossible to do before the internet and social media.

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This part right here. Not sure if anyone has come up with a better way to weigh than weighing


I weigh dry trimmed bud only. I only weigh as a comparative. Ball park is fine, I’m not distributing. I trash 1 to 3 oz from every plant of trim.
My most prolific so far was a Wedding Cake that yielded 12 oz of top shelf bud and another 3 oz of “Popcorn” buds.
You can get a scale that reads from 0.1g to 1000g, but if you want accuracy I wouldn’t recommend it. Accuracy is a function of range and usually most accurate at the mid-range. I use a digital kitchen scale if measuring over an oz and a small scale for weighing less.
My distribution is a handful from a jar to a tin or a baggie every few days. Not too scientific.
As far as calculating yield, You can pretty much guess at flower transition how well you are going to do.