How Do You Bring Down PH Value?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

"I am growing two plants outdoors. What is the fastest way to bring down the PH value? Make it more acidity.
How am I going to convert 0.75gr-1.3 EC dissolve in one liter of hard water into tsp. tbsp. into quarts or gallons of water. Can you give me a scale I can use.
I looked up EC (Electrical Continuity). Why do I need to know what EC is. "

There are products called pH down and pH up that you can add directly to your water to adjust pH values. You can find them on Amazon or just about any gardening center. I use Google and a calculator for any conversions. As for the rest, I lack the experience to say for sure. Maybe someone more knowledgeable than myself can chime in.

You can also use common lemon juice for raising acidity (ph down) and baking soda for ph up. You obviously need to use a ph meter to determine proper values.

How to adjust your PH differs from hydro to soil. In soil we can ammend the media, or use a commercial PH adjuster.

In hydro we use commercial PH up and down.

If ou need to figure out how to get to .75-1.3 EC, then you add a 1/4-1/4 teaspoon at a time to a gallon of water until you arrive within the range you are looking for.

EC is the strength of your solution. You need to know this in order to NOT, under feed or over feed your plants.

Good luck, lw :slight_smile:


I was with you until you got to the EC. I go by if it hurts my head I don’t need to know it! lol

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You get out of your grows what you put into it after learning the basics. I hope you do well.

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which ever method you decide on to adjust your ph, start out with drops and see how much difference it makes in plain water vs nuted water. If you’re using well water the PH can change from month to month depending on how much rain you get.

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This is the truth. I’m on well water and s shallow well at that. Ive gone from having to add about 5ml of ph up to 20 ml. It had been the same way for so long then bam and the plants didn’t like it at all. pH every little drop you put on your plants! good point @oldgoat

Do u just put the ph down directly into the soil if the soil ph is high? Or do u just lower ur ph of the water more than you’d usually do it and slowly adjust.