How do you add Dolomite Lime to existing plants without disturbing the roots

Have had ongoing pH issues, average pH was 5.8, have managed to bring that up to 6.3 over the past few weeks with the introduction of hardwood ash, and pH up although pH up does not seem very reliable or long lasting. I’ve read in other posts that Dolomite Lime can be mixed at 4 tablespoons per gallon.
How do I add that much Dolomite Lime to existing plants without damaging roots? Wait for next transplant and add to new soil? Thanks

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Normally you just top dress the soil with it.

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@Myfriendis410 thank you, by top dressing, do you mean working it into the top of the soil or just sprinkling it on top?

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You can work it in a little. Don’t disturb your roots. It will slowly filter down and help adjust your soil. It’s not immediate, it takes some time.
I add dolomite lime to my ffof before planting. I’ve noticed ffof pH can drop after about month three.

If you’re having pH issues be sure to do a major flush with properly pH’d water. Then top dress with the dolomite lime.


cool, thank you both