How do they grow pot in Ecuador?

On the equator every day and night are almost the same 12 hours long all year long. What happens to a photoperiod cannabis plant if the days and nights are always of equal length? How do they grow cannabis in Quito? Inquiring minds want to know.

@TicoGringo can share good advise if he comes around, I know he grows on the equator and has some gorgeous plants that get huge and when I say huge I mean huge like 8’ tall and 3-5’ wide


It’s pretty simple you just Candlestick them during the night time For at least 2 hours to keep them in veg. Until ready to flower… no harm no foul… :wink:

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I’d be happy to share my limited experience … BTW, Toker your description is a little light ,My sativa gal was right at 14 feet tall and was 8 feet wide…I’m going to try to clone her , even though she was nearing completion… Any body got any suggestions for cloning a sativa nearing completion ?


@TicoGringo youd clone them the same way as youd clone any other plant my friend

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I am a newbie grower with two years growing here. I am in Colombia and east of Quito,several hundred miles and about the same latitude…My altitude is about 1400 meters or roughly 4500 feet…My plants thrive here the growth is phenomenal…Depending on the strain,two harvests are the norm…be it indica or sativa…The only difference is the growth cycle,meaning if the plants need three months or 10 months they continue to grow…Harvests can be manipulated ,meaning select cuttings can be taken when ready,and the remaining branches continue to grow…I have learned that I was cutting too early…and the buds get fatter and fatter… and more potent… I trim when I feel the flowers are ready,
On indicas that can be daily and the total cutting can be as long as 30 days…Sativas are a different story,They grow taller and have a harvest window that is closer together…meaning a person can harvest the total plant within three or four days…This means the major limbs,there are always the shaded smaller limbs to harvest later…
My sativas get scary tall,My last one was over four meters when she split in half and then split again…I have a bunch of young immature buds on my hands…still do too as the remaining 25% is still going strong… I had estimated a harvest to Majiktoker a harvest in the range of two pounds of green bud,I was very low in my estimation…I think four pounds of green trimmed bud would have been closer…
This plant had eight hours of direct sun…
My auto plants have full sun for nearly 12 hours,They are medical indicas…and while they mature quickly, a good harvest is in the range of one to one and a half ounces of green trimmed bud…
I low stress all of my plants…Allow me to say that my low stress efforts often require some tape…I bruise them heavily…I have never lost a plant .
As in real estate,location,location,location…And let me add this my temperatures are steady,Lows at night of 63 degrees and highs of 80…
If you are thinking about moving in this direction and growing happy weed,Start with sativa…you will not go wrong…Good growing,JD


A follow up question…Those that have been following this link know my BIG sativa split 3 times…My question is what do I do with over two pounds of green immature bud ??

You can make a butter or a weaker strength oil that would take a little longer to work and have to use more in more consistent doses

Maybe I’ll try that,I still have the remaining plant to use…and there is a bunch of buds maturing on it…I just hate to let the the drying bud go to waste…Thanks Toker…

Cool keep me posted brother

Majiktoker…and all the other’s who follow this thread…I made some Rick Simpson oil about a week ago…I made it thin enough to put in a syringe,After I loaded two syringes,There was some smears on the needles…small ones,I wiped them off with my finger…So I put the tincture in my mouth, I got an immediate sensation and a buzz started…I don’t think the amount was over the size of a grain of rice,likely less,in 30 minutes I was non compos meanus…My mind was clear and to me my reasoning ability was unimpaired…But I had a great deal of difficulty walking…I did not sleep well…The next morning I was in the same shape…It effects lasted 34 hours,I was completely messed up…When the effects wore off ,the pan I was using to reduce the tincture had a very small amount remaining… I stuck my finger in it and tasted an extremely small amount in my mouth…the effect again was instant…But not as disabling as the first one…This one lasted about eight hours,I could navigate but I would not drive my car,This was my wild sativa plant and it had split in half,It was not totally ready to harvest,[ pistils were still all white] I’m writing this for information only,But I am still wondering how people using this tincture navigate…


Hey man its good to see you around, im glad to see that worked for you have you tried ingesting by capsules?

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The professional grows in greenhouses the same as you would in Denver, CO. Qutio is the “highest” capital in the world…I think. Effectively.

So go look up how they grow “roses” in Ecuador, SA. That is the science of growing. Their product must be perfect before it will be provided to Russia.

The Los Chillos area has great growing for roses! I lived in Conocoto, Pichincha for 6 months. Got to know the rose growers and National Police (they train close by).

I live in Guayaquil. Normal humidity is 75% and temps right now are 30c and the rainy season has just began. We have mostly hazy/partly covered skies year round. Lots of yellow light at night!

Surprisingly EC has limited weed quality. I must grow my own to get the value out of it. An oz goes for $40 which is typical commercial equal to the NA and CA and it is nice for olive oil.

In Montanita the prices go up substantially to $300 for cookies or blue kush.