How do they get so big


I was just browsing mj plants and saw this huge plant… dont the plants die off since they are annuals and this one is outdoors… after the plant flowers and produces buds doesn’t the plant die after harvest?



These were probably Vegged inside for a long time before flower, then moved outside in the spring for even more time the whole year, not to mention it probably in California, with extra long summers and near perfect conditions.


wow imagine how many pounds would be harvested from this one plant


These plants were grown in the “Emerald Triangle” of Mendocino Co. California, you can watch their whole 6 part grow series on YouTube, “Mendo Dope Vision” as @Dumme said they were started early in spring (indoors)for about 6 weeks,then sorted for Strong Hearty Healthy looking prospects, their grow Season is a bit longer than average also, but with good planning just about anywhere in the U.S. can yield some massive "Trees"
I have been watching and learning from these great outdoor growers for sometime now and am planning a Huge outdoor grow for next season although for my first try it Will be scaled down in size somewhat per plant. Check out "Mendo Dope Vision’ you wont be disappointed if you too are an Outdoor Grower.


I’ll definitely check it out, although I’m not an outdoor grower, i still love to check out stuff about growing mj…


Theyre basically grown in 400 gal smart pots with A lot of TLC



Growers of the Trees !!!:palm_tree:


Hey there’s Jorge! My man!


wow he looks different now… last video I saw of him he had black hair


These plants were grown in Oregon. And that guy is Jorge Cervantes.


That one plant will drink 150 gallons of water a week.


Also, Jorge does not believe in indoor growing because it leaves too much of a carbon footprint.


There’s another guy named Cervantes that has black hair. It could be him. I forget his first name.(Stoner Problem).


150 gallons… that’s insane… I saw his ultimate grow DVDs on YouTube… I would love to try outdoors but I live in the city and feel its too risky…


That one plant will yield between 12 and 14 pounds.


Oh, I forgot the good part.
There’s 58 more plants just like that one on that farm!
Man, I love saying that.
Sorry, I was daydreaming.
Did someone say something?


Yeah I subscribed to Jorge’s YouTube channel lol. I live by the herb for the herb :pray:t3::v:


Ya know what , your right , I just looked again at the base of the plant , and ground cover, those aren’t from MDV, I do know Jorge and he has visited in Mendo . The pots aren’t the same size as the one they use, so yer definitely right there.
Same outdoor grow technique, all organic and Big. Jorge is an old school Master.


I believe I’m actually wrong. I think that’s Jorge in Washington State on a farm that a lady runs and those plants were up to 16 feet tall.
I do believe the girl herself estimated that single plant there at between 22 and 28 pounds dry. I do believe that she had 98 plants, but not all that big.
Makes my eyes red just thinking about it.