How do they do it?

Hey guys / gals. Does anyone know if dispensaries spray or use some sort of fragrance on there bud. I can figure out how the bud always smell perfumish. I grow my own and it smells great however i can’t figure out why other people get stuff that smells damn near like perfume.

Might read this…

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@Spiney_norman I guess I’m not clear. The stuff around here smells good but it doesn’t smell like bud. It really smells like perfume or air freshener. Its like an overpowering smell that doesn’t seem natural.

Sounds like they are scammers and scent their packaging


There are many different terpenes…
Some have floral smells.
But it is possible they are adding some terp drops to kick it up.


Yes there are “underhanded” practices, but you really want to know how to get your own head stash to smell (insert descriptor) for enjoyment/pride/etc, right?

Step 1:

Start with good genetics and buy lots of seeds of the same cultivar


Buy 10+ F1 hybrid regular seeds and open pollinate them. The seeds out of that run will produce a wider variety of genetic expression.

Step 2: Sprout half as many seeds as you’re comfortable managing, given space constraints.

Step 3: Once they hit the sixth node, clone every one of those plants by cutting them between the third and fourth node. Everything must be carefully labeled. Veg the mother. Root the clone and flower ASAP (1-2 weeks typically).

NB: for the entirety of step three, stem rub with your fingers, searching for the most appealing aromas. Take photographs of the plants to show morphology and label.

Step 4: Cull weak plants, both mother and clone. Cull the ones that are hard to clone. This is a continuous process from here out.

Step 5: The remaining flowering clones should begin to give you a better picture of the terpenes the moms are capable of. You might even like combinations of two+ plants. Take detailed notes.

Step 6: Harvest, cure, sample. Take notes.

Step 7: Decide which plant(s) to keep as mother plants. Veg them and clone them. Flower the clones. Periodically you may need to turn a clone into a new mother. Or repeat steps 2-6 to make new keeper moms.

That’s how you hunt for keeper mother plants that yield consistency and potentially unique aromas.


Thanks, really appreciate it

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Obviously, I’m skipping over all the nuances of cultivation and terpene preservation. But another way to look at it is if the only thing you’re lacking is flavor, then don’t change the way you grow; find a cultivar that works with the way you already grow by doing a massive pheno hunt.

Phenotype is the genetic expression under the influence of a specific environment. It is not something entirely inherent to the plant, which is genotype. The two are often confused.

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It sits in a humidity controlled room for about 2-4 months before its packed.