How do these tricombs look? About ready? You think?

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Look almost ready. :sunglasses:

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What you think another week? Or should I go ahead and put her in total darkness for 48 hrs then chop?? Thanks for your advice

Definitely look very close all depends on the smoke you want she looks predominantly all cloudy i don’t see any amber tho do uou have a loupe by chance or something to look very closely id say about another week till chop id wait for about 20-30% amber

Yeah the pictures of the close up are through a jewelers loop. I fucked up and harvest to early my last grow. Don’t want to do the same. You are right none of the tricombs are amber yet. If you say another week I think that sounds good. The strain is Sour D so I am looking for a upbeat high. Thank you so much!!!

For that you don’t want a lot (if any) amber trichs.

So I harvest this plant. Tricombs looked perfect. Dried it out and the weed just won’t get you high! Don’t know what I did wrong or maybe shit seeds. Don’t know but it’s frustrating as hell to grow this weed to love it tend to it all the work and effort and turns out to be shit thanks for any advice

How about the taste/smell? Any chance they were CBD version of SD? Don’t know if they’re supposed to make a lot of trichs or not but in your close up shots, the trichs look kinda sparse and thin. Mine always look shorter and have bigger “heads”. Also don’t see much “sugar” on the leaves around the bud.

I feel your pain.

I totally agree with you. I bought the seeds from here. I have done 2 separate grows with these seeds!! Both grows turned out like this. The first grow, hell I thought I harvested it to early, so I made sure not to make that mistake on the 2nd grow. More time and turned out the same. Smoke taste is mild no bite at all. Burns with a Nice clean ash. Just won’t get you high. Very disappointed

Smell is Sour D but very very mild. First grow had a stronger smell.