How do these lights stack up

Curious to know if these will work. LM301 diodes.

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If it is truly built with LM301 diodes and the diodes’ efficacy really is 2.7umol.m2/sec, then it will be a good light. I would check pricing among better-known comparable lights.

The only “QB” models I can find are built with either EPISTAR diodes or SMD3030 diodes. Who is the manufacturer? It’s not uncommon for many of these light makers to flat out lie about their light capabilities.


I do believe those stats are for a Mars hydros ts 600 and in my opinion it’s a waste of money a time you want one that’s dimmable full spectrum and has a removable driver from the qb

The current state of the art for these diodes, IIRC is 2.3 µmol/m2 which makes me believe it is a light from overseas. If so they are lying to you.


I’m lurking but appreciate that info :love_you_gesture:

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Its a sunstream i believe.
What are good brands/sites to buy from Australia. Ive heard ppl talk about spider farmer?

Some of the Spyder Farmer lights are good but buyer beware: read the specs (which doesn’t always help)

Horticulture Lighting Group, Spyder Farmer, California Lightworks, CHILled Tech, all do quality lights.

If you’re handy, you can build your own. I’m in the process of building my last of four lights for the grow space. I’ve been using 3 but now have a space for the fourth one.


There are lights capable of running 2.7 umol/joule and higher, but i agree. Probably not these.


The 2.7 they’re giving is the efficacy of a Samsung diode but that’s not what you’re gonna get off of the actual fixture.

Dr MJ Coco does some great reviews on light fixtures and he’s got also got light calculator on his website that can give you a more accurate picture of what you can expect from the light vs your grow space. You might have enough data there to be able to plug into it.

What do you think.of this one. My grow space is 2ft x 5ft.

No look at hlg lights

HLG 350 R for the area you’re wanting to cover (3x5), quick google search shows them about $925 AUD. The Solar System 275 is a 3x3 light

Might be able to get SS 550 for a cheap, theyre good ive heard?