How do then look

Can you guy tell me how they look

If you tried to load a picture, try again. I don’t see anything to comment on how it might look, if that is what you are asking.

One week from sprouting and She’s growing second set of leaves. Not sure what strain because package came unlabeled. Also I’m doing hydro and it appears my pH might be slightly high. The leaves are a tad yellowish tint. I’ll check tomorrow after I calibrate my pH tester. I have a dwc set up with continuous drip, under 400 watt MH. Grow closet is around 75-82 F w/58% humidity, depending on time of day. What do you think?

Everything looks like its going fine. Could you tell us how far your light is from the top of the seedling? The only suggestion I would have is that the seedling is not producing a lot of chlorophyll because of the intensity of the lights. I will note; some varieties can be a lighter green than others. I grew Sterling Haze from another seed company that was a lighter shade of green, almost a lime color. I have had a few other Sativas that started out bright green/yellowish.

I did the back of the hand heat test, and the light is about 18-20" above

kyle1 said:

Can you tell me what am doing wrong. Don’t seem like there growing or there growing slow.