How do the girls look

these girls are in week 6 flowering week 2.
Any comments ?

Nice pics,and healthy looking plants.Have you cut back on the nitrogen and increased the phosphorous and pot ash to to encourage more budding?

I am using the booster set offered by Robert. So I am on the second bottle which has increased phosphorous/less nitrogen. So far keeping up with his watering schedule.

Then you are doing it just right. Looking forward to seeing how you Booster “Clients” grows come out :slight_smile:

I take weekly pics of my girls, so more to follow. Thanks Latewood for your imput.

Very nice setting up grow tent for bout 4 5 gal buckets can u share your specs of your setup

I did nothing special, but here is what I did…
I purchased the seeds from ILGM and germinated by the wet paper towel method. I then had my 4 ft. full spectrum t5 lights located a few inches above seedlings, raising them as they grew. I used Roberts booster set in week 4, utilizing the grow nutes to start off. I did nothing extra but kept them warm and watered. I wish I had more to tell you, but ILGM seeds were it all started. I have only had great results with them. I do have 2 fans inside. One drawing air out (zipper not closed, so air dragged in by the exhaust fan located on top) and 1 fan circulating around plants,
I am still leary about not thinning out bottom sucklings and ending up with popcorn buds. That is my only issue with growing. I still have not mastered the drying process and taste is not great, of course this is only from past grows.
If I had more to tell you, I most certainly would.
Growing them is my only joy lately.
Good luck with your grow.

Hi prt420!
The drying and curing processes are key to the taste of your bud. I have never had such good bud as what I grew from Robert’s seeds in the past three months. I finally got the ladies going a little better now and the buds are great! I spent a lot of time on Robert’s site and you tube, they have dozens of video clips between the two places on harvest, drying and curing. I spent a lot of time looking at the clips over and over. Some of it finally started making sense and I am now getting weed that tastes pretty darn good.
You really have to experiment a little and find out what works for you but it definitely makes a difference drying and curing it correctly. Everyone grows just a little differently, develop your own style and produce some unique smoke.

I try to look over the next step in the process as I am growing so I don’t get hit with a problem (like I did this grow, lol).

Good Grows and Great Buds to you.


Next time three days before harvest , try putting your plants , are experiment with just one plant in total darkness for 3 days , which help starve the plant of water , and by time you pull it , it’s almost dry . Now flush first 5 days before and 2 days after the flush turn the timer off and leave them in total darkness for at least 2-3 days and this will make the plant go in safe mode and produce mass resin and trichomes , but drink all the water in the soil , stem , and leaves in safe mode , and when you pull it , it will be half way dried out which will give you a week or a few days of a fast curing .

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whats up yoshi… this is my update on my plants ive been practicing with dont what strain their are just seeds saved until my OG kush arrived…GOT MY SEEDS YEAH !!! one looks like indica other looks like sative to me the taller one had problems and thks to Will advise me to use somee root stimulator and hydrogen peroxide solution and its doing much better notice top leaves something goin on…reading Roberts book on plant care cant tell what it is using LED so dont think its any burn from that it is touching light got a make shift tent till it gets here…I topped both of them think i did that ok havent been using any nutes just ordered technaflora reciepe for success… soil is fox farm ocean forest @ bottom,miracle grow MC,middle,miracle grow seedling on top.distilled


Taking in this beautiful sun hiding behind grill

They looking great , the layering of the soil is working great ? They look nice and healthy , nice green color , growing vigorously . Just remember when you get to the transition stage of the light switch 12/12 or 13/11 for flower , things is going to change a little , for as watering , and adding (bud) flowering nutrients . Continue to give grow nutrients for the first 2 weeks at what your measurement has been through veg , and start your flower bloom nutrients gradually until you reach full measurement , I would not do anything suddenly . For me , plants seems to respond better in gradual small measurements in my opinion . But you definitely headed in the right direction …good job !!!

How do my girls look? here are a few pics, I just put them into the flower phase a

week ago and seeing some buds forming. I topped them about a week before going into the flowering phase. These plants were started as clones and are 5 weeks old. Do you think I need to transplant them. They are in 1 gal containers.

They look mostly pretty good.

Transplanting them might not be a bad idea.

I am a little worried about the bending like growth of some of the leaf fingers, and the curling on their edges, this means something isn’t quite right nutrient or pH wise, sometimes some of this can be caused by being root bound as well.

Make sure your nutrient salts are not building up too high in the soil, and make sure your pH in the soil is at 6.5

Happy growing,


Hi Mac,
Not quite certain what you are referring to. Can you sow me an example of that on my pics? I am feeding every other watering, which turns out to be every two to three days. Watering almost every day. Temp may be on the high side, having some problems with getting the heat out. Will resolve this next week. Am feeding with General Hydroponics - MaxiBloom 5-15-14 right now and on a 12/12 hr cycle.

A little more background; this is my first grow, these are Kush (2) and grape god (2) clones form a local disp. and 2 seeds that I had laying around. They are approx 6 weeks old with 1 week flowering. They all had a little rough beginning as I was using some stupid vegetable fertilizer and they were turning yellow. Obviously I knew nothing. Have a 1000w HPS light. went to a local Hydroponics store, we have lots here, and they set me straight with GH MaxiGrow 10-5-14. Let them grow for about 5 weeks, topped them and switched to 12/12 for about a week now. Found you guys about a week ago, thankfully.

My concern is they are very long ad lanky not bushy like the healthy one I see. Why are they so long, that was originally why I topped them. They formed buds shortly after topping. My next grow will be much different from seeds, from ILGM. I probably will check to see if they are root-bound and transplant. Thanks

Look around at some of the other pics of leaves close up.

If you notice on your leaves, the fingers don’t grow straight out, towards the tip they bend one way or the other, as well as near the serrated edges, they curl up a little, this is sometimes referred to a taco-ing as the whole leaf folds in like a taco in more extreme circumstances. These all point to the above mentioned potential problems. It is very early on, or not too far off from the ideals as the leaves don’t look too bad yet. But if it isn’t corrected in time, the leaves will develop worse twisting and likely spots or burnt crispy looking edges.

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Just checked my ph and it’s a little high 7.0. what do I do? Thanks

7.0 in soil usually isn’t too much of a concern, however I suspect it might be slight contributor, and the recommended pH in soil is 6.5.

The stretch of your plants means they need more intense light, possibly a lot more watts is needed.

You can help this in the future by having the light closer to the tops of the plants as they grow, or add more lights or higher power wattage light. Also less red/more blue in the light during the vegetative period could help. However with a 1,000 watt HPS, you should have plenty, maybe you need a better reflector, and to bring the light closer?

Something else you can try, is use maxi bloom the whole grow and skip the maxi grow, too much nitrogen during veg can also contribute to lanky stretchy plants.

Getting the heat under control should help as well.

Are you watering with distilled or R/O water, or are you using tap water? tap water can often contribute to a high pH building up in the soil.

I’m thinking feeding every other watering might be too much.

Something else you should be monitoring is the EC or TDS in PPM of the run-off.

You can test it with something like this TDS meter from amazon:

The transplant to fresh soil may help with pH and a nutrient salt build up, which is one of the suspected problems I’m thinking your plants are suffering from.

Am using tap water and it is 7.0 ph. Should I adjust it down with something lie vinegar?

Again, what is the TDS of the water? These numbers, in the run-off and the water you give it, as well as the nutrient and water mixture you feed it, all in a EC or TDS measurement in parts per million are important to know.

I don’t like using vinegar for pH adjustments. Sulfuric acid or phosphoric acid are much better alternatives and not at all hard to get a hold of, there are numerous posting by latewood and I about these. you can get pure and safe for gardening sulfuric acid from a auto-parts store as a battery re-fill.

if you could get the previously mentioned measurements, I’d be able to recommend a more aggressive course of action, but as the leaves don’t look too bad, I’d say leave the pH alone, for now, and only water with zero, or near zero PPM distilled or R/O water from a water-mart or the grocery store and only water with that until you can get those readings.

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