How do the big growers cure so fast

I was curious about the time you harvest till one can use your buds? I recently made a purchase of Bruce Banner at a local dispensary. On the vial it said harvest date 4/6/21 and I got it 5/24/21. Just wondering if you let it dry for 7 to 10 days, then jar it(or how these farms do there curing) could you get them ready ie; quality of buds. They were nice and hard but just wondering. p.s. don’t buy weed from these shops, just wanted to try Bruce Banner for a future grow. :rofl: :bat:


They use dehydrator like you would use to make beef jerky only much bigger, that’s why their weed sucks


Their cures are done in a controlled cure room.

They dry to 55% ish and pack for sales. The drying part is the cure for them.

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