How do my plants look so far?

Yesterday they sprouted for the first time and today they got leaves . How does everyone think they look ? I want to learn how to identify when plants need more water or need more light .

Hard to tell with that spectrum if they need water or not, lightly most them twice a day and she’ll do great, as far as looks they look like a healthy seedlings to me

The leaves seem to be curling down . Does this mean anything ?

Curling like a claw? And how is their first set of leaves has she progressed any

If you look in the first picture you can see the 2 leaves are curving down a little . If I have to I can take some more pictures without the LEDs on so its easier to see

They look normal and fine to me, now that I really stared at them and focused lol, just keep an eye on them, if they fold like claws it’s usually 99% of the time nitrogen toxicity.

Do not worry that’s not what is happening, it’s normal for some of them to do that, just keep an eye on them, they look healthy to me

Perfect thank you !! I will keep you updated !

My pleasure, and thank you I look forward to seeing your progress

When they are that small you just need to set up a routine of misting when lights come on and some time in the later part of the light schedule . So i give a couple mist on the seedlings and then a couple on the soil twice a day and then every other day i spray the soil enough times to saturate the soil. With me i have them in cups filled with aoil and i make holes around the cup towards the bottom 1" on the sides and bottom so when i saturate the soil by misting until i see it just start to come out of the holes. Of course when they are larger and pots are larger you will be dumping more water in and leaves will droop when they need water so you may only water twice a week . Once you water them the leaves will perk back up within a couple hours.over watering can cause the leaves to droop also .So always check the soil by sticking a finger 1" into the soil in a couple spots before you water to see if it feels real dry or if it has moisture in it just to be safe. Or purchase a moisture meter $10-$15 and use it by sticking its 2 probes in the soil and reading its display. It will tell you moisture level, light level and ph. I would not use the ph for balancing your ph,maybe just as a back up reference but the moisture meter might help you if your concerned about making a mistake Good Luck

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Could you send me a link on Amazon to a meter you recommend ? Thank you for the advice!

They have similar ones like this at Walmart,Lowes and Home Depot, most nursuries and plant supply places.
If you want to accurately check your PH level, which you will DEFINITELY need ,then use this meter. The other meter i listed above has a ph meter on it but i dont know how accurate it can use it as an indicator if it says its out of your the safe zone to let you know to use the standard PH meter to check and adjust the PH. The other meter in this picture (the off white one) is used to check the ppm (parts per million) in water. You need this when you add plant food ,nutes or nutrion to your planta water so you can check how strong it is THATS VERY IMPORTANT.

I just purchased a moisture meter. Based on this meter how much moisture do the plants like ? I’m assuming moist?

Plants like water but not to drown. So just water it and check with meter after 2 days . If it gets to the red marking give it some water. In my newbie opinion you want to let it cycle from wet to just near dry and then rewater, opposed to keeping it real wet. If it stays wet you have potential for root rot from over watering The roots need to get air and breathe, if the soil is soaked all the time the roots will suffocate/drown/rot. Once you have monitored it a week or so you will get a feel for how fast your current growing environment is using up the water.Remember, Its real easy you will get it.