How do my plants look? 3rd grow

I have two guard dawg F3 feminized plants growing one is 18 days old and the other is 16. My youngest plant is taller than my older plant? Also the older one experienced I guess overwatering or damage I think from looks of tips of the very first set of leaves. Other than that from my experience they look rather healthy besides a few things I don’t really like but all opinions are welcome whether bad or good i’d rather address them now than later! Thanks
-Day 75-77
-Night 63-66 still not as stable as it has dropped lower some cold nights when it has snowed weather around here is very inconsistent.

Humidity is 40-50 still battling with junk humidifier

1000w hps 4 ft away from Pots

Watered with ph’d filtered water with seaweed extract that’s all.
Photos were taken under a regular light to see true color of plants

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The first set are there to supply the plant with all the nutrients it needs as a new seedling, while the roots grow and establish.

@Axemanjake23 So do you think that would be the cause of my oldest plant to not necessarily be as tall as the other one? Is it a good sign at least that it is still further along in developing despite it being shorter and the earlier leaves being a little bit smaller?

No two seeds are alike. Basically look at humans. Even our own siblings may or may not look like you. It’s simple…genetics. Nothing to worry about. :+1:


Mr peat is right. Dont base plants off their siblings. These are about the same age and the same strain.


plants look nice n healthy :grin:. You mentioned you were concerned about over watering. You may want to invest in some felt pots like @Axemanjake23. Although it won’t prevent it those pots will lower your risk of over watering while giving your roots better airration. Just a thought. :+1: Keep up the great work.

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Looks like to me that they are ready to be transplanted :v:


What would you guys recommend next pot size should I just jump to the 5 gallon?

Personally, I would put them in whatever their forever home was going to be if it were me. Just need to be careful not to overwater them. Just my opinion :v:


I put my plants straight into a 5 gallon buckets. No transplanting in this house. After this grow cycle finishes, I’m switching to 15 gallon fabric pots. I love growing monster plants so I have to step up my game plan. :+1:


Yes that was my plan but I ended up changing my mind for some reason idk why but my intentions are to make a good size plant out of each since I only have 2 and it is very good genetics I’m not a very big fan of tall and skinny plants.

Also, how soon can I start Lst? I have before but my plant wasn’t in very good conditions and was very spindly this one is different and already is getting a pretty thick main stem plus finally I got the environment pretty good and stable. I’m not new to it but would like advice from people who have grown nice big plants I’m always looking for new techniques and ideas.


@Roonie420 Some start LST pretty fast. You could start training once the plant is 6” to 12” tall. I prefer to let my plants do what they want. Thus I have Monster Plants.

Now I did Fim 3 of my plants. One was pulled due to being to weak to hold the flowers up. The branches was kinda like rubber. So she is gone.

So that means I have two plants I did Fim and the other was untouched and she is my biggest girl. She also will have a huge Cola which is another thing I enjoy seeing. I have also grew a plant sideways which was pretty entertaining. She was my GSC Beast.

I will always grow Monster Plants. I enjoy growing them. To push the plant to the extreme crops that they yield. The way these 3 plants are I won’t be surprised to walk away from this round over 1 pound dried and cured.

@Roonie420 If you are going to train you should start when the branches are playable and allow for it. Once they stiffen up it gets difficult and they can snap.

I topped this auto a few days ago and tied her down today, I will post a pic tomorrow so you can see how quickly they recover and how much she will Branch out.
Training is not a necessity, it’s all preference and what works for you and your plant. :+1::+1::+1: Best of luck

Like mine will be planted in the great outdoors! Forever dirt! Rootball from hell!