How do my ladies look?

ILGM SSH germed St Pats day, transplanted into 2 gal fabric pots about a week ago. Growing under 2 quad 23w CFLs ( total of 8 100w (800) equivalent) 18/6. Simple set up under basement stairs, pie pans for reflectors and bases. Temps 75-80 humidity around 40. The white stuff you see is DE for some gnats. Feeding over the counter organic espoma 2-2-2 grow. Topped the right ones and fimmed the left ones at transplant. Prolly let them veg another 10 days then plan to slowly go to 12/12.

<img src="/uploads/growingmarijuana/original/2X/3/3f545f7323bba44cd867d19a766fd5884ce86ab3.jpeg" width=“666” height=“500”>

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Nice branching. Nice color too. Those lights seem to be doing the ladies justice.

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On one of the pictures I see some white spots on the leaves and it’s not water. I would check for spider mites just to be safe

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They look great.

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I have this on one of mine now. I thought it was residue from spraying but I use filtered water so there shouldn’t be residue when the droplets evaporate. I’m gonna break out the loupe.

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Thanks for the heads up. I’m hoping it’s just residue from the DE powder (white) I sprinkled on the leaves and and soil for the gnats I was seeing but I’ll be sure to take a closer look. Thanks very much!

This works really good for fungus knats , but if you manage your watering and let your soil dry out ah little more before watering you won’t have a knat problem , but sand works great also just by covering the top of the soil .


Ahhhh. Thanks very much. They have been there since germ…might have been in the organic soil I bought ( it was still pre spring and sure it was left over from last season at the home center here).
I’ll let the soil dry out more.

Thank you yoshi