How do my fellow city growers dispose of the remains after harvest?


I live in town- can i throw the stems n roots in the trash? seems risky? cut them up ? hmmmm will my trash come back to haunt me? lol not trying to get a knock at the door… like excuse me… we’re here with a search warrant because of the evidence in your GARBAGE! I did put a bunch of leaves from lolly popping in the thrash and was super nervous about that too… in a box of papers with my name on to boot- that has been haunting me in my head so now i have a couple dead/harvested pots here and I’m nervous lol


Certainly don’t mix anything with your name on it in the same bag, like envelopes, junk mail, etc. I’d find a local dumpster to pitch it in.


We have 3 bin’s, general waste, recycled, and garden waste, I just put mine in garden waste and don’t think about it.


I don’t live in the city but I have garbage pickup we have reg and recycle bins I cut mine to fit in reg garbage place in black garbage bag and let it fly once in the truck it’s anyone’s guess where it came from . I only put the remains of the plant into bag nothing else :grinning:


It might seem a little bit strange but I keep the softier materiel, I wash it, chop it in very small pieces , let it completly dry, grind it in a fine powder and use it like an additive on my smooties and add it to my regular flour (i make my own bread), for the harshier materiel, I chop it and put it on the compost boot. :wink::v:


That doesn’t sound strange at all @Niala I think its a good idea… think ill do that with the pruning materials as i lolly pop Thank you :kissing_heart:


You’re welcome :wink::innocent::grinning:


And thank you :kissing_heart:


That’s Awsome, great idea !! <*)))><{


got about 20 acres of this out behind the house that is owned by the state as easement for forestry access all the scrap goes right out there give it a day and I probably wouldn’t be able to find it again.


Thanks @FyshhTrap :grinning:


That’s where mine are going too. Woods on 3 sides of me. Road on the 4th.