How do my buds look for two weeks into flower?

I have had some hiccups with these girls, between the Fungas Gnats and a little nute burn, I may have also overdone it with the scissors.
This is my first grow…

Please let me know if my 2 week old buds look weak or average…
I know my plants don’t look like they are in the best of health.

All three of these are Acapulco Gold in Pro-Mix.

Can you take a closer bud shot?

Looking good

Just did it…Thanks

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Do you mean you flipped to flower 2 weeks ago? Looks like they’re just finishing up their transition periods and starting to flower.

Yes Sir, I just switched them to 12/12 two weeks ago, what do you think about them?

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Looking on track for that timeline. Should be another 10-12 weeks for harvest. The yellowing is concerning. Not sure if it’s a lighting trick or if she’s low on magnesium or nitrogen.


It’s not the lighting, the leaves are yellow, I’m thinking that’s from the Fungas Gants. Thanks for your comment…

Fungus gnats are more of a nuisance than they are harmful to the plant. What do you feed. What kind of soil are you in?

They are in Pro Mix general use, I’ve been feeding them with New Earth Custom Grow and smart tea until 2 weeks ago. Now I’m feeding them the smart tea along with the custom bloom. I think I will use super soil next time.

Baby budlet’s look on track, but it looks like your plant used up all the nitrogen during the stretch and it’s hungry.

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Thank you

@Dino1 hey brother how goes it??? Plants looking good jus need lil tune up an yea man @Brobdab said exactly what I was going to say, but if you get some blackstrap molasses unsulphur should deff plump buds up some… I myself have run into a cuple problems with my 3 zkittles …I’m not sure if feeding her while she in super soil is good but then again she may have used up everything, I jus top fed her with oceans forest bout 2 inches deep worth

Hey Buck, I’ve read about the blackstrap molasses, they say to use it in the last 2 to 3 weeks of flower. I wonder if I can use it on top of the Custom Bloom I’m using? I’m a little gun shy on the nutes after my nute burn. None of this is as easy as I thought it would be. You would think super soil would take you from seed to harvest. I’ve heard you might have to feed them near the end. I’m definitely going to use super soil next time. With all my mistakes my buds have started to grow like crazy. I am 17 days into flower, I would love to get an oz out of each cola, Is that possible?

I hope you get your 3 zkittles straightened out. Good Luck Brother…

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Yea brother my girl had problem with potforpot super soil turned out she jus needed a lil plant booster n it got her good again brought color back to leaves n harvested a nice plant favorite buds outta 5 plants so far… An it is possible to get oz from each my last northern lights jus gave me 4.6 oz I was like whooaa :slight_smile: :crazy_face:

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Is I me or u got some yellowing going on ???looks likeu need booster small doses to start I made that mistake using half strength in super soil deff didn’t need half more like 1/4

They look very hungry.


Yea they are yellow, I just fed them half strength today. Congratulations on your Northern Lights. I would be very happy with that.

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They had what I thought was nute burn, I just fed them half strength today.
I’m not sure what to do with the next watering. If they don’t look better I may feed them full strength.


Why thank you good sirr… An yes I was happy extremely happy an I got to accomplish one of my biggest dream n that’s to grow my own marijuana an smoke it

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Do not feed at full strength may burn them more… Stick to low doses an see how she pans out… If u gotta feed her twice in a eek but go small with doses so b it rather under feed than over

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