How do keep Buds moist without molding?

Summer grow is finished, I have a nice yield of Indica and now Stavia, I prefer smoking moist Buds if possible, is there a way to keep moist Buds without Molding?

Bovida humidity packs are the way to go. They won’t get below 62 % rh and keep your budd sticky and moist. Takes the guess work out. The 50 something % leaves your buds to dry imo. I like it sticky I go by this cuz I don’t have the extra money for a bunch of meters. With the packs it keeps your weed good for well over a year.


Thanks Brother, I’ll be ordering some packs

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+1 for 62% Bovedas. Keeps it perfectly sticky imo.


Thanks, That’s exactly what I’m looking for, I like my smoke moist, but I didn’t know exactly how it was done, I have some super thick Indicas I just harvested and it’s so moist the Resin bubble up on the ends and I clogged up a Bong, I’m definitely wanting to keep it that way!


what size packs and what size jars are y’all using and do you still burp the jars

Boveda 62% seem to do a good job of keeping buds at the proper rh.
An 8g pack will be enough to keep a quart mason jar filled with properly cured buds right where you want them.

They are not a shortcut for curing. Just a solution for storage.