How do i Unsubscribe?

how do I Unsubscribe from ilovegrowingmarijuana ?

You can’t as it’s in your blood for ever! :face_with_hand_over_mouth::rofl:


What part are you wanting to unsub from? Like the forum posts or the store emails?

It’s too late. You have come to the Dark Side and can never go back…muhaaaa :crazy_face:

Windows10 is downloading every image from the site that I browse via TOR without my permission and placing them in a deep folder within my hard disc (C Drive)

Freaked me out ! :male_detective:

I think you mean the Green Side …:face_with_monocle:

email notifications

I don’t use a computer for the site. Only my phone and it doesn’t do that. But to stop getting email about threads there’s a button at the bottom underneath topic controls. When you click it it has 3 options. Watching, tracking, and normal. The last two don’t send email. But watching will. So go to any threads you get email and switch it to tracking. As for other email notifications you can go into the user account and turn off email notifications.

You can go into your prefrences and turn off all emails

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How can I do that of my phone photo is there a good app for that

Thank you for your time in answering , :wink:

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try TOR Browser for maximum anonymity + a decent VPN.

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