How do i train these plants?


I NEED HELP figuring out how to train these plants. do i cut off all leaves below the screen?? I dont know what I am doing. Second grow …58 year old …help…

Thank you.


@gmart i wouldnt do any cutting yet. Also, you may want to think about transplabting into bigger pots. 3 gal is good for autos and 5 for photos. The ones you have look small, but it could be the angle! Welcome to the forum! Lots of helpful people here!


If you can, I would wait until they are a little bigger and put all you can into the empty squares you have. When your squares are full, I would cut of the excess that is not above the screen. There will likely be others that will jump in and comment also. I will be looking in on you occasionally and see how things are going. Jerry :us::man_farmer:


THANK YOU…This helps…:us::us:

Thank you. I dont feel like I am on an island of unknowing anymore!!!


I agree with @VelcroThumb. I would get them into their final pots then let them grow up into the net:


And then as it keeps growing, fill up your net by training it along it:


When you get your screen 3/4 or so full, flip to 12/12. You will fill it up the rest of the way during the stretch. This is when you can start pruning under the net as well:


And if you happen to get your net too full like I did on my plant there on the left, then you can add a second screen. :slight_smile:


This helps alot…Thank you


My limited experience with Scrog is if your leaves are still green and healthy, leave them be. As my canopy got denser, the lower leaves would start to yellow and die off. My plants, for the most part, self pruned themselves. I did remove more leaves later on but early, I left them alone. From my reading, defoliation falls into 2 camps. Some swear it increases yield while others say over doing it stresses plants too much. I’m a new guy and went with the “Mother Nature” approach and didn’t remove anything that looked healthy.


I’m about to put up my first scrog… this is great info!! Thanks guys :v::green_heart:


Yup! This is exactly right! Well said.

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@bogleg What kind of lights are you using my friend?

Personally I would lower that scrog and really start spreading and tucking that baby. Me thinks you could spread those babies out and fill that screen, maybe a couple of toppings or fims, then let em turn up a bit and its almost flip time. Looking good tho


@Dwayne I have two 1500w Chinese LED panels That actually draw 260w each and a COB rail with 5 COBs being driven at 40w each.



400 w High Intensity Discharge lights (High Pressure Sodium [HPS] . i wish i had purchased the 600w.

Yea. I saw the 1500 leds in your pic that’s why I asked. I’m using 3 1200w hollandstar leds drawing 260 from the wall … I’m actually pretty impressed with the quality of light they produce. Did you have a heat issue, and are you running an a.c?

I’m in the dead of winter so I have a cold issue. I did have high heat in the summer last grow. Up to 90F. I had fans running constantly and my tent is in a basement that never got over 75.


I was thinking I could put in another hood with additional light. I transplanted the plants. They were root bound. Now they are breathing easier. I have a fan connected to the hood with the light. The temperature is 70 degrees, humidity is 50%. Thank you for your response.

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Thank you for your suggestion. I will try that. Take the stems and run it under the screen to an open space. …and try to fill as many open spaces as i can. ok. thank you


Spot on :wink:

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four weeks into 12/12… i think the buds will develop. but i need to thin it out ??

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