How do i time my flush? White Widow strain -end of 7 weeks flowering

Anyone experienced with White Widow ? The girls are finishing 7 weeks in flower and two plants are showing a minimal amount of amber trichs. They seem to be ahead of the other three. Maybe 50% of the pistils are dark and curled in , mostly cloudy trichs with a scattering of amber. I wanted to give them a good flush but not sure when to start. Any one keeping track of their timelines on White Widow? Thanks for any help!

WW fem grow in coco I started flushing at the start of week 8 and went to 10 weeks. Go by trichomes amber/cloudy ratio to know when to chop. Each plant is going to have it’s own “timetable” due to many variables that would be hard to factor in.

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What basis did you use to decide on the right time to start the flush? When you started your flush did you have amber trichs? How long after the amber begins appearing before it is approaching say 40% amber? I realize the variables that can play into it. Just trying to time this as well as i can. First time grower here and looking for some insight. It’s been a good grow , the girls have some weight to them and i hope to finish out with a clean smooth tasting product.

If you have %40 amber by all means start your flush. If you are in soil I know a minimum of 7 days is necessary and more like 2 weeks would be more like it. I am flushing for 2 weeks. You will make decisions on your next grow based on what you learn from this one. I would say this WW is definitely smooth. Vaping some right now.

I would start flushing now, I like just a little Amber tricombs. 2 weeks is about how long I like to flush. I grow outside. If that helps… 40% Amber is a lot to me.

First Welcome to ILGM, This by far the best informative forum you could be in.and don’t
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Anyway I grew WW for two yr’s. I cloned from the mothers that were in two weeks flower for two wks. And didn’t look back growing 20 plants or more each time.
I found waiting to week 8 no more nutrients, just pH water @ 6’5 for to weeks and then shut lights off for two days gave me the best results.

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Thank you all for your insight and advice. A lot of good info on this site and it has been my goto for growing tips. I have decided to begin my flush based on your advice. Just was uncertain about the pre flowering period and if i counted it in my 9 wk flowering schedule and how quickly the trichomes went amber. As puffer1958 said i will know more my next grow and hope someday to give back to others


Hello. 1st timer -White Widow indoors. Few mites on 1, dealt with. Had a heat (too high)/humidity (too low) problem. Fixed this week (75 degrees/40% humidity). Consequently, my plants look pretty sparse, because I’ve had to remove leaves. Also, the buds are big, but due to the light problem, it’s hard to tell about anything amber:). I’ve trimmed and found the the buds are green underneath. I’m at week 8. Can I assume that I should be harvesting week after next? Should I start flushing now and continue through harvest (2 weeks)? THANKS!