How Do I Tighten Up My Buds?

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I am in the last 2 weeks of my first outdoor autoflower grow and need some help. My beautiful ladies are in need of some help to tighten up there buds. I have 9 indica strains that are pretty loose. How can you help my ladies tighten up before the big dance. They are all in good health but the weather here in the emerald triangle has been for the last week in the 100* degree mark with alot of smoke from forest fires. What can I do to help them???

any thoughs?

The 100 degree heat of summer will make usually tight budded strains loose/expand to stay cooler.
A bunch of PH’d PLAIN water will help lots. Especially if they get water early morn and late afternoon.
During the last two weeks, they need to be getting water without nutes. The final flushing time. The nutes will taste really bad…:face_vomiting:.

ALSO…remember, the seed sellers will post highly optimistic growing times…ESPECIALLY with the auto’s. As the shortest advertised flower time will get more sales. If they have lots of white hairs and few if any cloudy trichomes…lucky you. You can get a couple of weeks more growing time…which at this phase they will be bulking and filling out.

Watch the trichome colors…once they start going amber/cloudy check them daily. Maybe twice a day, with a magnifying glass or jeweler loop.

When the trichomes are about 30% cloudy/amber…they have reached the peak of goodies and are ready to harvest.


Did your drooping leaves auto’s recover ok?

It seem like @tanlover442 gots you covered , early morning watering and no nutes the last week , good luck my friend

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Good morning, The ladies seem to be recovering well from the fertilizer boo-boo now they need a training bra. I have been early morning watering(5am) with no nutes since then. I never really go by the seed sellers info. about when they should be finished these broke ground on 5/11 so they are beyond the sellers finish date. Thanks again for the info…

Good advice @tanlover442
Can we get a picture @sniper ?


This is from a few days ago.

This is from this morning 7/23/18 there big but loose


I see them petty thick my friend.

thery are but feel loose but may be it’s just the indica?

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They should harden up some once they get harvested

I’ve had one like that before and it became on big hard nugget.

Kool, they are so diffrent from the regulars i’m used to growing, but should be ready by the end of the week. The trics. are still clear

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Give her time, good luck my friend.

thanks thats the one thing I have pleanty of

IThey broke ground on 5/11

If you feel like experimenting, put a shade over several of them and see it they react positively.
The pics show really healthy Ladies. Congrats.

Thanks my friend, they are REALLY heavy buds and I just wanted to tighten them up, then i realized they are indica(well 12 out of 19 plants are) and they are kind of a loose bud. I have been putting a shade cloth over them when it gets hot and I hope that helps. I an’t waite for a taste test once they cure. Come on over and try them…lol Do you think I should split or drill the stalk? If so when should I do it? They were all planted at the same time (5/11/18) and some look like the photo and some are just starting to flower. These autos are a weird, weird plant. I have been growing regular plants for over 40 years and ever came across the problems with them. It’s been alot of fun!!

@sniper…if you wasn’t across our great nation, I would gladly visit, trade smoke and hunting stories.