How do I start?


Trichromes tell the tale. Cloudy to Amber. Clear tri’s are not yet ripe. :sunglasses:


I think its looking close judging by the colour change on the pistils.

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Get a jeweler’s loupe. Watch the tiny trichromes change from clear to cloudy. THC is highest when cloudy. From cloudy to Amber is when couch lock comes into play. Harvest to suit your needs. :sunglasses:


Wife has a camera with a macro lens. Not yet,


great pic @Steevo!


1 to 2 weeks … :wink:

Lookin good… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


Agreed, I’d give her a couple more weeks.


Just keep monitoring trichomes. No guessing of time left is going to indicate finish. Nice job. Thanks for sharing, lw :slight_smile:


Damn Close my friend. Awesome looking Bud. I see some nice color happening. I would be preparing to harvest. Thanks all of you here for the great assistance you offer to each other; Especially in such friendly ways. Happy day! :slight_smile: lw


All cloudy, some amber and starting to disfigure. Im looking for more of a speedy high than a couchlock.
The buds are very firm and sticky.

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Chop time. :sunglasses:


I concur with @OldStealth
Do the dang Thang!
:sunglasses: congrats on your harvest


Cure well before smokin it all! LOL :sunglasses::joy:



Did a little trimming just to allow the air to circulate well and have left the intake and extract on. I also pulled a smaller bud to fast dry…just to test it :slight_smile: but not a main cola.

Thanks for your help here fellas,

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its been amazing and put me at ease. once its trimmed Ill put up the buds :slight_smile:


For the first grow im very happy. The buds are pretty firm and judging by how much I pay and how much I get, I think I have quite a while free here :slight_smile:
I also have a few bits of popcorn that Ill smoke while I wait

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Thanks everyone for their support


Congratulations on your harvest, great job you mad3 it! Now dry ,cure and enjoy your bounty.:sunglasses:


You’ll get a better feel on if the harvest timing after you test smoke. Its all in personal taste. Good job, man. Let us know.


its perfect. mellowing with just a little bit of lazyness :slight_smile:


Awesome job SteveO



So have just over 1 oz dry which for 1 plant in a small tent I am happy with. Should keep me going til the next harvest :slight_smile: