How do I start?


I pinched them rather than cutting them. Think I might have pinched a bit hard lol but it seems to be doing fine. 2 colas from it either way hopefully. You tube is a dangerous thing lol @Hawkeye_diesel


Haha yeah it can be. But I believe it’s topped that’s why it gave you 2 or looks like a top, non the less they are looking good brother.


So. Full water change today and up to full nutes. Will keep an eye on it.

The first top has grown so well… I topped it again last night. Just by pinching the tops out. Here they are.

and they have already grown. Amazing.

The whole top section looks great.

So potentially 8 main colas now.

PH is 5.75 but I will check it later this evening as I have only just changed the water and re adjust as required.
Water temp : 63
Tent : 77
TDS : 890

Roots at the bottom are white and the roots nearer the top are brown which I assume are the nutes. Hopefully another week or so and I can switch to 12/12

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Lookin good brother


So heres the current root system

Roots are not slimey or smelly and are growing great with lots of new ones every day.


So this is my plant

I moved it to 12/12 today. Changed the water. Full dose of nutes.

PH: 5.82
TDS: 820
Room temp : 77
Water Temp : 68 - I have a clip on fan pointing at the pot to keep it down.
RH: 38%

Light is about 12" above the plant. its a 250w dual spectrum cfl.

There are about 10 main cola sites plus some secondary ones but I think its looking fine. Was going to give it a week at 12/12 and then do a little trimming. It just been moving and tucking the leaves to get as much light all over it as I can.

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My new seedling setup.

Cost less than 20 bucks. :sunglasses:


Hey Steveo,

Nice looking plant. 2 things you mentioned I want to address. TDS. 820 is safe, but in flower, I would boost it to 1000-1200 ppm.

2ndly, I would not be planning to trim too much after inducing flower. Fan leaves are there to help with sugar production and to protect the flowers.

Read this new article by Dumme:

I think this will be something interesting for you and your future grows.

Peace, lw


Ill not do too much yet. Just want to get a bit more light to the sites below but its looking good.

But I have had a read and perhaps will just leave it be :slight_smile: Thanks mate @latewood


Thanks for posting that @latewood that’s great info.
And thanks to @Dumme for better explanations of the commonly used phrases
and, how it effects the plant and yeild


Its really growing quickly now. I did take a cutting to clone it but I killed it :frowning: BUT its not all bad as I now have 2 new growths for 2 more cola! LOL

However, the PH is all over the place. Reset it to 5.8 last night, checked it this evening and it was below 5. Plant looks ok and the roots are still as they were before. Brown except the new growth which is white. Cant see any symptoms of anything. Any suggestions?
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Panic over. Seems to have sorted itself out and it going mad!!

Everything is still stable. Will be doing a water change again today will a full nute.
Might have to start holding the taller ones down as I am beginning to run out of room heightwise. Looking at it though rotating it 180 might get the lower ones moving as there seems to be a light imbalance.


So Ive turned it around and the other side is already starting to catch up.


Pre flowers everywhere :slight_smile:


So Ive got some really good looking buds forming on my plant… I hope so anyway.

They are looking right to me.

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Looks good👍now is the time to take a step back, and watch those buds get fat!!
Few short 8 weeks and your golden :sunglasses:


So I am guessing that these are about 3 weeks or so away from being ready to harvest.

So having read up a bit I need a jewellers loop or something of that ilk to check the tricomes.
Also read that I should stop nutes for the last few weeks, which seems a bit odd.

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Almost there!


Haven’t been through a harvest yet,however at least 3-4 weeks,and some don’t flush.


@Steevo If These Are recent pics , then you have more like 6 to 8 weeks to go before harvest… :wink:
Your plants are extremely young still… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


@peachfuzz yes. These were taken this evening