How do I start?


Awesome. Thanks for the help so far. feeling a little happier :slight_smile:


So here we are. Its looking ok and the roots are really shooting out.


She’s lookin better than the last time, doin good. It takes a while to get it under your belt, but once you got it licked you’re golden from then on, just gotta listen to your plants in a way


Coming along nicely and there are some good roots coming out. Its about 2 nodes tall but still quite small.


Looking much better!

One thing I do regarding the water level that is a little different than most is:

I keep my water level one notch above net pot bottom from beginning to end. By doing this I do not have to top feed water. It’s a personal preference, that saves time, p’Hing, etc… .

I have also started doing the following:

Once the plant has a 5-6" root in the water, I add a small amount of Sucanat to the water. Sucanat is a natural, granular pure sugar that will encourage rapid root development. I started using it a couple cycles ago and can not believe how effective it is. I bought p’H down Sucanat (soaked in citric acid) and use it in mid-to-late seedling until week 6 of veg. It saved me a lot of $ on carbs and pH Down.


Here we go. Its looking a bit pale though. The roots are about 10 inches or so and I have added less than 1/4 strength (made it 1/4 strength in a bottle but only put half the mixture in) , Root Boi (root enhancer that came as a freebie with my pot) and some Canna A + B and its grown about an inch since last night when I topped up the water and added the nutes.

TDS is 500
Water temp is 61
Tent temp is between 75 and 78
Humidity is at 40%
PH is 5.75

Water level is about half inch below the cage.

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Is it actually that yellow, or is it the light? If it is that yellow, double check your pH. Too much into the alkaline scale and your plants go yellow then die. If you are using an electric pH meter, recalibrate it to be safe. I use both chemical and digital pH meters just to be safe.

1" of growth overnight sounds good. You are in one of my favorite stages of growth, because you can literally watch them grow; especially, in hydroponics.


Im not really sure. If I put my hand over the plant it looks a bit like a calcium deficiency from looking about. The middle of the leaves are a lighter colour. I have some epsom salts which would seem to be that as a solution but dont know about dwc.
Apart from that watching it grow faster than I have seen. The roots are multiplying and more are appearing out of the bottom of the net pot.


New growth is always a little off in color. If you are viewing your plant under anything but white light, it is difficult to get a true gauge of its color. I keep a small white LED flashlight to hand for inspection purposes. If she’s growing it’s a good sign. But, if she is yelllow on anything other than new growth, then double check your pH. I do not know about Epson salt use in hydro. I’ve never used it myself.


Wow… its really growing fast now. Did a little top up of nutrients and reset the PH to 5.85


I cant believe how fast its growing.


So its growing like mad and the roots are really starting to come out but I notice a dark spot. The roots are brown I am guessing from the nutes. Water temp is 69, room temps between 73 - 77. PH is 5.83.
Could it be the start of root rot? I only use nutes, no hydroguard or anything like that.

Thanks guys

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I’ve never dealt with root rot yet, knock on wood. Sorry brother may be just from the water possibly


Grab up some Hydrogard… you can thank me later… :wink:
Really though , that stuff is awesome … :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


Panic over. It was a bit of dirt that fell off a pipette.

I’ll upload pics later. It’s growing at least an inch per day!!

Here you go. Its looking fine.


There you go brother. Now just keep you ph in good range and csrfule on feeling them and they’re gonna grow like wildfire


Thanks @Hawkeye_diesel. I have also just fimmed the top (did some reading on the interweb :slight_smile: ). Fingers crossed. I have also moved the nutes to 50%

Fimmed this last night and its already doubled the size of the shoots either side.

And its looking quite healthy.


looking good @Steevo!


Did some fimming on 2 other shoots. Both have grown from nothing to about 5mm in a day. Hopefully this should give me 6 main colas.

The plant is opening up nicely and looking healthy.

No root issues. They are growing like mad and using more water every day. Will be switching to full on nute at the weekend.


Lookin good @Steevo
But isn’t that topping them or am I looking in the wrong area?
1st picture: looks like it was topped and there is 2 new growth tips.
2nd picture: old topping is top left and new topping is bottom and a little left