How do I start?


Just a heads up 31% RH is more than a bit low. During propagation; A grower would like to see RH above 50%, and closer to 60% is even better for the 1st couple of weeks.

Do you have another bubblers you could set up with an open top to allow bubbles to raise RH a bit?


@latewood I dont, but I do have the old tray that the soil pot used to sit in. I could put the bubbler in that and fill it full of water. its about 2 inches deep. Ill give that a try and see what it does. Its shortly going into the dark cycle so if I do it now then while the lights are off hopefully that will help. trying to avoid having to spend any money :smile: (I mean more money of course lol)

It took 4 pints and in the 10 mins between me doing it and coming out of the shower its already up to 33% so lets see how this does.


@latewood @Hawkeye_diesel @peachfuzz

Looking very poorly. Temps are late 70, humdity is up to 48%. PH is 5.95 (was 5.8 but when filling up the trough to help with humidity I spilt some tap water on top which is what I am assuming has increased the ph)
Plain water, no nothing. The bottom of the basket is wet as is the rockwool so moisture is getting through. Could it be getting too wet?

Appreciate your advice



Take a big breath… let it out… ok , now…
Put a clear container over the top to help with a lil humidity , that will help… this is seed right… ?
Looks like it … are you giving it nutrients … ?
It looks like you might be…
Just give them good pH water for now… 5.8
No nutrients. … :wink:



@peachfuzz Big breath…and out!
Ok, put a container back over the top and yes, its from a seed. No nutes, just plain old water, PH’d. I have been spraying it with a little water on the inside of my dome to try and increase the humidity and the sprayer did have epsom salts in before so it maybe that I didnt rinse it out or clear the tubes properly. I have also turned off my fan to help with the humidity and its only made the temp go up slightly. High is now 80.1 and low is 75.
I shall stop panicking :slight_smile:



That is good advice. It looks to me like you sprayed water on it. Let the roots develop and you will see how well she does then


Hey bro I was wondering can I take a plant from soil after more than a month and grow its roots further in a pH(ed) water bucket and airstone? I want to try the different growing methods and see what works best for me without breaking the bank. From what i understand most people do hydro after seedling. I never read about trying this with a preflowered plant.


You would have to wash all the soil off the roots, but I’m not sure about a month in soil, that would be quite a bit of roots. I’m not sure brother, I’ve never tried to. I would stick with soil then the next go round try hydro if you still want to.


Affirmative. Thanks bro. Never tried to grow hydro. I have my purples growing in soil. Knee to waist high now. Try and post them tomorrow. Don’t want to get confused or go bankrupt trying a new hand, my electric bill is less than $50 a month and don’t need it jumping a couple hundred each and every month. I dont mind it going up to $150 maximun now spring is here and 80’s most everyday. Is this feasible with auto flowers in hydro?


I currently have a white widow and ak47 auto goin in a dwc and another ak47 in soil. Yes they can be done in hydro as well


It does seem to still be growing. Ill shortly be changing the water…or topping it up anyway as its dropping a bit low although the rockwool is still damp. Its not growing particularly fast though and no roots are peeping out yet. The light is about 2ft away and the tips are still looking bad on the new growth. No nutes of any sort.


Did you make sure to flush your rockwool before you used it… ?
Also what is the ph of the water in your res…?

:v: :sunglasses:


I soaked the rockwool in ph 5.5 for 24 hours and the water last time I checked was 5.8 but it needs topping up so I will do that tonight and reset the ph down to 5.5. I even washed the stones in ph water. It looks like nute burn but i really have used nowt.


Make the water 5.8, that’s the optimal ph for hydro


Ive got it to 5.75. Stood on my syringe and so cant make the right amount for .5 :frowning: Got to where it is purely by luck.


5.7 should do just fine, that’s pretty close


You do not need to flush rockwool. You do however need to flush hydroton (expanded clay) :slight_smile:


I run regular well water in my rockwool. PH of my well water is 7.0-7.2 I never PH for seeds. My seedlings grow like crazy. As long as you are not above 7.0 and not below 5,8; You will be fine.

I think your plant will root and start to thrive soon. She looks a little rough but, time will tell. :slight_smile:


Changed the water etc Monday night, no roots. This is Wednesday morning! Its grown out really quickly so hopefully things are looking up. Do I still just keep it water? No root enhancers or anything?
@latewood @peachfuzz @Hawkeye_diesel


You always use plain PH’d water until you have 4-5 true sets of leaves on alternating nodes. :slight_smile: